The official HERO publication post (with dates and ISBNs!)

I posted the photo last night on LJ-Friends feed only because I was waiting for the official word to share, but I not only have the official word to share, I have a date, I have an ISBN, I have a link to the "coming soon" page on Dreamspinner. So I’ll post all that, and then I’ll fill in some other information that I know, and speculate on some others.  First, the pretty:

Here I am at Dreamspinner. This is the coming soon page, and right now it says only e-book. It’s print too, but that isn’t listed yet. (I think this literally went up last night.) Another place you can watch is on my author page there. There’s something about a wish list on that first page, but when I click it, it just tells me my shopping cart is empty, so that might not be the way to go.

As best I understand, this will also be available through Amazon, and possibly B&N. Right now if you search for me on Amazon all you get are the books for other people that I’ve done critiques for and they thanked me in the intro (which somehow comes up in the search). Basically, though, once I know more I will share it. If you’re on here or any of my social networks, trust me, when it’s Dec 4, you’ll know.

I think that’s it for now. Unless someone has a question, or wants to squee with me.

12 Comments on “The official HERO publication post (with dates and ISBNs!)

    So. Where is the best place to buy it from? Does it matter? Do you get more money/credibility/something if I order from Amazon vs. directly from Dreamspinner?

    • I think Dreamspinner gets more money if you order directly from them, which is better in a roundabout way because the more money Dreamspinner gets, the stronger it is, and the stronger it is, the better it gets, which only makes it better for me. But overall I don’t know that it’s a huge difference.

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