NaNoWriMo 2009, Day 22: Walls without end

Notes to self:

  1. Worrying about pacing when you are writing your first draft is a very dumb thing to do. If that’s a harsh statement, fine, dial it back: it’s not helpful to worry about pacing when you are writing your first draft. But it’s caustic, too. It slows you down and screws you up. Yes, fine, it means more work later. Deal with it, Cullinan. Sure you got a pass on Special Delivery on that one, just like you asked for. On this one you didn’t. Cope. You don’t get a pony every Christmas. And anyway, you might find you like this way better. You usually end up happy with the road you took once you’re back at the inn again. Also, if you DON’T ignore the bad pacing and bad sequencing and get to the end, you won’t ever get to fix it at all.
  2. Yes, maybe the boys are too angsty or sopping at times. You can edit that too.
  3. This whole list is going to boil down to "finish and then you can edit." Really, you need to keep going? Okay. Oh, you want to address THAT one. Fine. New number.
  4. Yes, the story will end. Yes, it will end before 200k. You’re being dramatic. Stop. Yes, it’s feeling like the rewrite of STB you had to abandon because it would not end. Yes, it’s because you used more than one POV this time. Yes, it’s harder this way. But yes, it will end, and sooner than you think. You have that little outline there–and it works, you know it does. Of course you won’t stick to the outline. You never do! But it will help you get to the real ending. Just keep going. You want to be done by November 30, and you’re closer to that goal than you think you are. Or, rather, you are as close as you think you are and not as far away as you’re afraid you are.
  5. Just keep having fun. It’s okay to have fun. It’s okay to write stuff you cut. It’s okay to have to rewrite whole sections. It’s fine. Just stop typing this entry and go write. Don’t try to be first in the class and hardly have to edit. Don’t do anything but write the story that shows up when you sit down. You’ll edit later. You’ll rewrite later. You’ll go batshit crazy analytical. Right now you are writing the most fun, most engaging characters you’ve written since Charles. Just go party in Vegas for another twenty thousand words or whatever it takes and pay the credit card later. You have more credit on this one than you give yourself credit for.

(This post, of course, revealing that while I am so glad that other one meant so much to other people, it was aimed squarely at my own head as well.)

One Comment on “NaNoWriMo 2009, Day 22: Walls without end

  1. THIS. Last night I was getting so mad at myself because my story wasn’t scary yet and my MC was driving me insane and the story, at 60K, was just then starting to move along and get creepy. But then I realized, who cares? It’s getting exciting now and that’s what matters. The beginning needs some TLC, but I’ve stopped stressing about the possibly oppressive long-winded nature of it and am just writing the downward slope because it’s the best stuff in the story, I think.
    Let’s get to the end, no matter how long it takes us to get there! lol

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