NaNoWriMo 2009, Day 23: It just keeps going and going and going.

118,713 words. Not done yet, but I think I’m heading around the corner. We’re ramping up to the conclusion-ish part. But this puppy’s going to have 130k before it’s done, I’m starting to think. Holy cats.

I like it, though. Surely it needs some trimming, but it’s still as fun as hell to write. I just love every last one of these characters. Some of it might be kind of crazy, which I’ll sort out later. But I’m having such a good time. Still want it to end, though, because I don’t want it to be too much of a mess. I want it to be readable, and I want it to be something I can put together before too much Christmas happens so I can send it off to DSP and forget about it entirely. Of course, there’s poor Miles waiting for the same treatment.

It’s been really, really good to be drafting so much, though: the whole of the past two months, that’s all I’ve done, except for the brief pause to do edits and galleys on Hero. I’m eager to have finished not just one but TWO drafts. And yes, I’ll admit it: it’s really, really nice to have somewhere to send them. My goal for 2010 is to find a place like that for the Etsey books and STB.

I keep trying to close this with something witty, but my brain is kind of blitzed. I guess I’ll go with commenting on how amazed I am at how it doesn’t matter what story it is, I always start with one idea in mind and find something else happens entirely. I thought this book was going to be about poker and Randy being super-seductive and maybe there being some struggle with Ethan’s old flame. It’s turned out to be about gangsters and Vegas and safe spaces and fate vs. odds. There’s poker, and Randy will always be Randy, but he’s the one who is vulnerable, not Ethan. I knew I wanted Sam and Mitch to come back, but I thought they’d be a cameo shot, not so integral to the plot. I never knew Sam was going to play such a big role again. I suspected, after what Sam, Randy, and Mitch did in Special Delivery, that there might be some menage, but I never, never, never dreamed that their relationships would play out this way, that their unions with each other would end up meaning so much to their emotional arcs. Hell, even the plot arcs.

I never knew I could write so much about a town I’ve only visited for less than half a day. Or motorcycles and how to ride them and poker and how to be an expert at it, or marijuana (which I’ve never smoked, but there’s a whole scene with it), or hell, half the novel. I’m just amazed every day I sit down that I can write a story that is all from me, and I know where the source is for almost everything in it, and yet talk about not writing what you know.

Also, I had no idea I would listen to this much Madonna while I wrote. I’ve tried to put her songs in before, but they never took. These just walked in and took over. And so much Hard Candy, too. I don’t even like that album! But now, here it is.

Anyway. That’s day 23. I continue to make stuff up, and the continues not to end yet. Tomorrow I suspect there will be more of the same.

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