Post NaNoWriMo, or, Days of Dullness and Depression

People often stare at me and regard me with extreme suspicion when they find out how much I write. I never know how to respond. I usually murmur something about how I don’t have a formal day job, how I don’t watch TV, or I just titter and change the subject. The real reason I write so much? Because I can’t stand not to. Life when there is not fiction simmering hot in the back of my brain, when the door to a story is not open, is hands-down the worst version of the world I can imagine, so I don’t stay in that state long. I will be opening up Miles and the Magic Flute for editing by the end of the week, and after that it will be a knock-down fight between STB and TSV. But right now is the fallow time. It’s time for horribly dull things like laundry and dishes and organizing. It’s also time for awkward things like pimping myself on Facebook because Hero is out on Friday. Which is a good segue to direct you to my fan page. (Whore, whore, whore!) Soon I’ll start Christmas shopping, and cookie baking, and that’s all good stuff. BUT. Right now, it is the time for mourning. A novel has come. A novel has finished. It’s like that moment when you get off the roller coaster ride you stood in line for three hours for. Yes, it was wonderful. And now it’s over. You have the sad.

My twitter feed is full of other writers mourning their loss. Our local group, the FATABULOUS CIA AUTHORS, is experiencing not just End of Novel but also End of Local Write-Ins. Every night for the month of November there was a group of friends and fellows getting together in coffee shops, writing, laughing, cheering, and dancing for Demon TV. Now it’s over. It’s like when you get out of college and suddenly your 50 best friends do not live down the hall and wave at you in the bathroom. It’s awful. And really, there’s not much to do but sit with that and wait for it to go away. The best cure I know for End of Novel is to start a new story, but you can’t just put one down and pick up the next one, not quite that easily. You can, but it still takes a few days for the excitement to start again.

So my best recommendation is a distraction. To that end, until you go Christmas shopping, until you start baking, or until you open a new document and start a new "once upon a time," here are some things to do. In honor of my NaNoWriMo novel, here is Lady Gaga’s "Poker Face."

EMBED-Lady GaGa – Poker Face – Watch more free videos

And because she’s referenced in Double Blind (that’s my novel again), here’s a little roller disco loving.

Really, how can you be sad when you’re in Xanadu?

Okay, yes. Your novel is still done. So is mine. You can’t skip the DDD days, because End of Novel is always a downer. But you can always go reread it, and you can hum along with Oliva and Lady G while you do that laundry you put off for a month.

If nothing else, know I’m right there with you, waiting impatiently for that door to Story to open again.

5 Comments on “Post NaNoWriMo, or, Days of Dullness and Depression

  1. YES! Mrs. Ming was in that clip! I was lamenting how there was no way that clip was long enough to include Olivia’s eventual reemergence as Mrs. Ming, but there it was!
    How they ever thought that movie would work, I have no idea (I blame drugs) but I’m glad they made it anyway. I got chills watching Olivia come out and start singing.
    But poor Gene Kelly, it was the last movie he made.

  2. The real reason I tell people as to why I write so much? Because it’s not socially acceptable to play ‘make-believe’ at this age. 🙂 That and my GD brain never shuts up.

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