More on Hero, plus discount

In my stupor of posting last night, I did not mention a few things about the book and the purchase of it that I should have, and I will correct that now.

Right now, this is where you can get Hero. It will be available at your favorite indie seller,, B&N, and who knows, maybe Borders–but not for 1-10 days. It will all depend on when they get it into their system, and the holiday season will make this more cumbersome than usual. I don’t care how you order my book; if you order it in any way, I (and my daughter’s college fund) thank you from the bottom of my heart. This said, if you are passionate about purchasing ethics/who makes money where, here is info for you.

  1. Both my publisher and I get more money if you order directly from their site. DSP is still pretty new, and as such it grows a lot stronger with every dollar than most companies you’re used to ordering from. We will take your money from anywhere you want to give it to us. But if you’re indifferent or intent on knowing where your dollar has the most bang, this is the place. Also, get a 15% discount on Hero and other new titles from Dreamspinner Press by following the link to the GLBT bookshelf here. Sorry that I did not get this discount out in time for some of you, BUT it’s worth noting that you can use it on any books on that table. (Maybe on all books at DSP? Why not give it a try!)
  2. Because of point #1, if you order from DSP I can guarantee you rock star service. Something goes wrong with your order or your download? Email me (heidi dot cullinan at mac dot com) and I’ll help you out by going direct to the publisher. Or email them. I promise a quick, efficient response.
  3. If you are not comfortable with ordering direct from the publisher, is the second best for return on money to both me and to the publisher. Ironic after my distaste over amazonfail (which is still there, btw), but this is the word from on high. So order from Amazon without feeling guilty.
  4. Indie, Barnes & Noble, and Borders (if you can get it from them, which you won’t online until they fix their system) are last in order of profit, but they are still on the list. Their distributor takes a big cut, and it hurts the publisher. The reason that paperback is so expensive is because this is a small press, and it costs them a great deal to print them. But again: a sale is a sale, and all are welcome. Use your holiday gift cards to order and don’t feel bad about it. I’m going to be using the DSP discount to order some books of my peers, and that takes money away, too. But otherwise I can’t afford to do it. So no feeling bad. Just order how you can, wherever you can. Within the next two weeks all you need to order Hero is the ISBN (978-1-61581-286-8). Have at it.
  5. You can also, in a bit, order direct from me. I get to purchase hard copies at a considerable discount from the publisher and can resell them. I need to check the full details of this and will do so next week, but basically if you want to order from me, I can arrange this. Which means I can also write goofy or mushy things in the cover, if you’re into that. You’ll have to pay for the shipping, which I will figure out. And once I learn all this, I can be more hip with doing it in regards to future books. (If you want this option, leave me a note or email me at the address above.)

I think that’s about it. If you have questions, just ask me. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll go find it and get back to you.

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