OMG Snow and OMG Thank You

First off, thanks to for the snowflake thing! It’s very cute. 🙂 (It’s on my user info page, if you want to know what I’m talking about.)

Today, however, non-virtual snowflakes are going to fall on Iowa. Scads and scads and scads of them. Right now we have a pleasant, picturesque dusting. Starting this afternoon we will be getting 10-14 inches of snow. I know you in the Northeastern US say, "Pshaw!" to that amount, but that’s a damn lot for us at once. I’d be excited for it out of sense of novelty alone, but—

WE HAVE NO SNOWBLOWER. We have one, but Dan didn’t try to start it until Sunday, at which point it refused. He took it into a place yesterday to get it fixed, but we don’t have it back yet. Also, the guy pointed out whole sections of the blade are missing. He says we bought the kind of snowblower you have to replace every 4-5 years. It’s been about that.

So now we’re looking at buying a new one maybe quick this AM. Not sure yet, but maybe. Dan is being mad that he has to deal with this at all, mad at the snow, mad at the dirt, and just generally mad. Anna is thrilled at the potential foot of snow. I’m mostly wishing this all would shut up so I could get back to work.

We open and close with thanks, though, because offered up her parent’s snowblower (she doesn’t need it, at least for this storm because a service is coming). Sadly, the roads are already questionable enough that we don’t want to risk ending up in the ditch with someone else’s snowblower, but the offer is very kind.

Off to see what happens next in the Great Snowblower Drama.

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