Direct order of Hero available

Dreamspinner has a policy that I can purchase books from them at 40% of the listing price and then do pretty much whatever I want with them, including reselling them to the general public. I don’t get royalties for any of these books, but I do get to keep any profit I make.

Some of these books are going to libraries and people who won them through a Twitter promo and in one case by completing NaNoWriMo against superhuman odds, including someone pouring coffee into his brand new MacBook Pro. But there are still a darn lot of them left here, and if you all clean me out of my copies, I will simply order more.

If you want a copy of Hero from me, here’s what you do.

  1. Email me using this link (also known as
  2.  If you are local, tell me how and where and when you’d like to pick it up, or in town, possibly even delivered next time I’m out and about. Local people can give me cash or check. “Local” is anyone I can meet in the Ames or Des Moines area, or also anyone who knows me personally. And yes, this includes knowing me through the CIA Authors.
  3. If you are not local, you need to pay me with Paypal. What I’m avoiding here is giving out my real life address to random people on the internet, so if you and I exchange Chirstmas cards or have had more than the casual exchange on my blog or twitter, I’m fine with giving you my address and taking your check. Other than that, Paypal it is. I’ll get you the Paypal information once you email me.
  4. Non-mail price is $15; mail delivery price is $20. I’ll be sending it Priority Mail within one working day of receipt of your money, so I’m faster than UPS ground. I don’t think I’m cheaper than Amazon, but nobody can compete with those guys.
  5. Yes, I will be happy to sign books that I send out.
  6. Yes, you can buy as many books as I have on hand.

My plan is to do this with every book, so if in the future you know you want to order a book and want very much to order from me, you can tell me so as soon as the book is available or as soon as I start the promotional whoring. The price of each book will vary, possibly going up to as much as $20 plus the $5 shipping again. I’ll post a note like this as soon as I know the information, and you can place orders with me as soon as I know how much to ask for. Bear in mind there will always be a delay; I won’t get the books myself until 7-10 days until after the release date, and then I will have to ship them in turn to you. But if this makes it easier for you and/or the signature is important, then we’re fine. I’ll continue to do this until it becomes so unwieldy I can’t manage it, but I think that this scenario is unlikely for quite some time at the very least.

Any questions, comment here or email me.

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