Christmas is over, HALLELUJAH.

This is the time of year when   begins to mourn the fact that Christmas has ended and I begin dancing in the streets for the exact same reason. I do love the lights, I do love seeing friends and family—a lot–but I also love very much the return to my normal life. I especially love it this year as I love my normal life very much.

My Christmas was good, though hassled by weather. Four of my Christmas visits were cancelled or postponed due to weather and/or illness (no illness on my part before some of you ask), so we actually stayed here more than we went anywhere. This year I got a lot of money and gift cards because I had no idea what I wanted and nobody else did, either. Except for Dan. Dan got me ALL the books I really wanted (Wicked Gentlemen, The Englor Affair, and even one I hadn’t told him I wanted, The Tin Star.) Dan also got me my very favorite present of all, which he and Anna made:

I slapped some Modge Podge on them, and now they are sealed in their perfection for eternity. Dan has dreams of making one for each book and their being so many they have their own tree.

Anna’s favorite present kept switching. The violin from her aunt & uncle-to-be won for awhile, even over the American Girl doll, and she loved that Santa brought her the baby doll she’d asked for, but then she saw these hugging the top of her stocking, and there was no going back.


She has worn them pretty much constantly since she got them, even in the house.

We had the usuals up for Tina’s Christmas the week before the actual day, went to Dan’s parents, and entertained my sister here over the 24th & 25th before heading to my mom’s on the 26th. Yesterday was meant to be in Cedar Rapids, but my cousin fell ill, so we ended up bumming around Des Moines instead with several of the CIA authors. (That’s Central Iowa. Not the intelligence agency.) Overall it was a good holiday.

But now I am tired, and my body is messed up because it has been no gym for two weeks. So today I have a long list of things to do, all of them blessedly normal and work related. Edit "Kissing the Dragon." Take a copy of Hero to the library & gift it to them. Mail a special order of the same. Go to the chiropractor and the gym. Nag Anna into cleaning her room. I’ve also taken on some editing work for Dreamspinner, and I have an assignment in that regard to work on as well. I also have a beta read to finish, and an internet chat to attend. Work. Good, solid work.

The holiday letter still needs to happen, and that’s on the list, too. The end of year video, sadly, is going to fall by the wayside. I think for 2010 I have to start building it all year long because anything else just is not going to happen very well. I could stop everything I’m doing for the rest of the week and make one for NYE, but man would I be cranky at that party. Plus, I can’t afford to if I want to meet my deadlines. 

So that is the state of the Heidi. Christmas is gone, presents are opened, and work is returned. Life, in short, is good.

One Comment on “Christmas is over, HALLELUJAH.

  1. The ornaments are adorable! What a cute idea and how sweet of them to surprise you! 😀
    I’m with you about being happy with the return of ‘normal life.’ Christmas is wonderful but hectic, especially now that I’m married and our families are on opposite sides of the state! I’m glad you had a good holiday, despite weather!

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