What the bunnies hath wrought

Tentative title: Two To Tango

Concept: ???? Guys fall in love. Kiss. Stuff. Weight training. Same-sex ballroom dancing. 

Characters: Laurie & Ed (I’m still not sure about the name Ed. We’ll see.)

Lady Gaga (lots! Hurrah!), some Cheryl Cole, some Britney maybe. Also, STREISAND. I do not like Streisand. The muses are cruel.

The Curio page:

Two to Tango draft curio

(Go here for big ‘un.)

And now I can sleep.

5 Comments on “What the bunnies hath wrought

  1. Cheryl of Cole
    I meant to say, if I didn’t already, that Cheryl’s performance of “Parachute” on her TV special “Cheryl Cole’s Night In”, was VERY ballroom dancing themed. Youtube it and if it’s there you’ll see what I mean.

    • Re: Cheryl of Cole
      I keep meaning to say that “Parachute” is already key to that story in my head. Not sure if it will be referenced directly, but it will be played! Thanks again.

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