Revision Soup

Christmas ate my attempt to get Miles and the Magic Flute revised by the end of the year, and consequently I’m working on it now. I’m also pulling out my hair. I blame Double Blind. Though it was written after M&TMF, it was finished and sold first, and meanwhile Miles is still tying nots into the plotline and refusing to lie flat in general. It is a darker and more complicated story than DB, which is interesting as it is probably half the length. Highly, highly mystical and more on the lines of Hero than Special Delivery. But it has the best antagonist ever. It has a very circular plot, though, with lots of trap doors and tricks. It reminds me of TSV in that you think it’s about one thing, and then, no, it’s about another thing, and then, whoops, no, it’s about something different than anything you’ve thought yet. I can also see that I am chronically pulling my punches. I’m writing things I’m unwilling to look at, and different levels of my subconscious are battling one another. Meanwhile the conscious me just wants to get the damn thing done because there’s a lot on my desk. I was supposed to be incorporating the changes to TSV and sending it out to publishing houses by now, but I’m still stuck in fairyland….

In much less aggravating news, I got the draft version of Double Blind‘s cover, and I absolutely love it. Once again it is by Paul Richmond, who did the Hero cover.

Cannot wait to see this in color. Those of you who have beta read for me will notice what cards he used, and I know those dice will be red, because I told them that’s what casino dice are…. And holy crap, but that is so Ethan and Randy.

So this is where I am at just now. Mired in Miles and trying to keep up with beta reads and editing/copy editing and oh yes, at times having some fun. Of course, copy edits on Special Delivery will be here anytime….

Which is to say, everything is pretty much normal around here. If I can get my left shoulder and left hip to shut up, I really won’t be complaining much.

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