Miles & the Magic Flute: Beta ready

Last night I finished the revision/editing, and today I shipped it to two betas. Dan did not get it yet because he is still reading Double Blind. This one I’m holding off on submission until I get some feedback, and thank you to those of you who are manning that ship. (If you regularly read and I have not asked, do not be offended. I only asked one directly and the other offered, and this is because I had to ask for it fast. If you’re one of the usuals and want to, holler.)

Miles turned out to be trickier than I thought, even when I thought it would be tricky. It is less romance and more fantasy, and it is also a lot more like The Seventh Veil than anything I’ve written for Dreamspinner. Well, I say that having not yet submitted it to DSP. I sure hope it’s published there, but we’ll wait and see. At any rate, it’s darker, it’s weirder, and it has a lot of magic in it. 

I’m starting to catch myself recycling, but I think there’s only so much of that I can escape. I realized while I was writing the blurb last night that Miles gets chased by a forest just like Charles gets chased by a lake. The dream themes in M&TMF are a lot like those in "Kissing the Dragon." But you know, it is what it is. At any rate, if I’m going to write this fast I don’t think it’s all going to be original.

In other news, I told One Iowa I’m going to host a house party and merge it with a book signing. Trying to figure out where and how to do this. Could do my house, but that could get crowded. Plus, I’d have to clean it. Could do church, but I might be too Lutheran. (It’s a Unitarian fellowship, but my soul is thinking about somebody asking me to read aloud from Special Delivery in a place where my daughter attends religious education and is flipping out.) Could do somewhere in Des Moines, but then it starts to feel complicated. Still musing on that one.

Other than that I’m behind on two beta reads and still need to write a synopsis for Miles. I also have an editing job to finish ASAP. After this stuff is off my desk I start some of the research for Two to Tango in earnest, but for those of you who have been sharpening your machetes and other lynching apparatus, next week I get the submission materials together for this

so that once it’s out there I can return to the revision/rewriting of this.

And yes. I will post teasers. And when it’s time, the whole of it will go in That Other Place until it’s sold, just like TSV. Am considering doing that with Miles, too, but haven’t yet made up my mind.

3 Comments on “Miles & the Magic Flute: Beta ready

  1. Best of luck with all of your synopsis-ing and betaing and revising! You’ll get through it all. And if you have any luck locating a time turner, let me know. 🙂

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