In which the author has clearly given her mind to the pixies

Sometimes I don’t think that story characters are real; sometimes I know.

Yesterday on the Dreamspinner author’s loop Elizabeth (the owner) posted a cover and a request. She was looking for an original fairytale (not a retelling) between 15,000-55,000 words. This was the cover.

I saw it and thought, "Ooh!" Then tried to sit on my hands, because, my god, I’m so behind right now I can’t even tell you. Then I took a shower. Big, big mistake. Because anybody who gets these story people in her head knows damn well that water is a conductor.

I’m in the shower, and I find myself with soaping hands paused as I think, "It’s not glass. It’s ice. And it’s on a hill, and enchanted hill. He’s gone up to find something, like a quest, but he finds this instead, and it distracts him. And it confuses him. But what’s with the horse?"

And then I said, "Oh!" and the story ran off like crazy and I watched the movie until soap ran into my eye.

I thought, nope, somebody probably already claimed it. I thought I should shut up and not take this because TOO MUCH TO DO OMG. But then I had to email Elizabeth about something else, and of course I said, "By the way…."

It’s my cover. I have to have it done by May or so. Actually, I potentially have until July, but I’m saying May because at the rate I’m going, I’ll get to start it in May.

Or so I thought.

Let me explain to you the level to which I am behind. Right now I am doing an edit for hire, of which I have 75 pages left.  After that I have many zillion pages of my own copy edit of Special Delivery. Then I need to submit Miles because apparently the slots are far out and I need to grab one fast. Then I need to fix the bits in Double Blind I knew I had to fix and resubmit it before it goes to edits. Then I need to deal with TSV, to say nothing of Temple Boy. Oh, and Two To Tango is pounding at my head and has about 12k. I want to try for at least one of those anthologies; my preference would be both, but I only have a bunny for the horror one right now. Oh, and there’s the trial balloon story I’m writing with another DSP author.

This is if course why, as I sit down to hammer on that paid edit, I end up chosing a writing meditation soundtrack I made years ago which turns out to be a perfect soundtrack for the guy-in-ice story. And I keep finding myself stopped in the middle of a paragraph as I watch the movie. It’s a good movie. I’m all intrigued.

BUT MY GOD. At this rate I’m going to have to train the cats to help with some of this. At the very least I feel they could do the laundry and the dishes.

4 Comments on “In which the author has clearly given her mind to the pixies

  1. If you ever stop and wonder why I love you, you need look no further than right here. Of course, there are more reasons thatn this, but you amaze and astound me on a daily basis, not just with the amount of work you are willing to take on (all the while dealing constantly with chronic pain issues), but also with the originality of the stories. I know that I’m biased, but seriously, it’s hard to find fiction in the library to read that is as original and interesting as yours is. And I love you for it.
    I will have Miles finished by Tuesday at the latest. And then send away.

  2. I’m at the office sitting at my desk and actually giggling out loud. Yes, as I was reading along and as usual amazed at how many things you have going on in that imaginative brain of yours, the actual work you do, and the day to day activities, etc., so I smile. Then I came to the last paragraph:
    “BUT MY GOD. At this rate I’m going to have to train the cats to help with some of this. At the very least I feel they could do the laundry and the dishes.”
    I ALMOST spit out my coffee. Yep, I love you, too.

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