Achievements, Acquisitions, and Inquiries

Today I turned in the copy edit for Special Delivery, which I hated much less than the copy edit for Hero. However, now in addition to my comma problem, I’m aware of my "then" problem. I maintain some of it is style and some of it is unavoidable, but I also admit that I overuse the word. Also, the copy editor didn’t catch this one, but I did: knead. Everyone was always kneading everyone else, and it worked in rare instances singly and totally clunked cumulatively. So that’s fixed. I also lost the battle with God. I hate it capitalized in what has become banal swearing—"Oh my god!"—but can’t bring myself to leave it uncapped in occurrences of "Thank God" or "I swear to God." It’s not because I’m afraid I’ll be smitten; it’s that God is the most political idea going, and I hate to add fuel to the fire. I even had permission to use the lower case, but I had to be consistent. In the end I caved and went with Gods all around. But what are you gonna do.

In health and fitness news, if you follow me on twitter you already know that I have been in more pain than usual lately. It’s manageable, and if you hang out with me for an afternoon you’re unlikely to even know about it because I don’t advertise (except on twitter), but I’m popping a lot of Vicodin and in general unhappy. All this time at the computer isn’t helping, but it’s also not really negotiable. I should probably get the Macspeech headset back out and try and make it work. Except I don’t have the time to figure it out….

The issue right now is that I don’t have time to get to the gym, and when I do, we get an ice/snow/fuck-all-apocalypse storm, and even if I can leave the house (which frequently I can’t), Anna’s school gets called off, and in addition to screwing with my schedule, I have no childcare. There’s also a full half hour of travel/parking/gear switch added total to any workout out of the house, and the end result is that it’s not been happening. At all. Which is why I gave in to something I’ve been dithering over today and got this:

Only a small portion of it is coming out of my pocket; my in-laws promised me "some kind of weight/exercise equipment" last August for my birthday, and after lots and lots of fail at finding a system that will fit in our low-ceilinged basement, we gave in and went with an elliptical, and even though it’s more than I thought they were willing to pony up, they’re covering more than the lion’s share. Yes, it’s in the TV room. Yes, it wrecks the ambiance a bit. No, I don’t care. I used it already today, and it was so damn easy. I just stole a half hour on it before we went to dinner with Dan at work tonight, and I plan to do more tomorrow. From now on when I’m stuck on plot, I’m going to get on the elliptical and burn calories and strengthen my body in general while I think.  Thanks, Tom and Nina. Again.

Current work is slogging through the edit of TSV and working on the draft of Two To Tango. (Miles and the Magic Flute got submitted today, but I still have to submit a synopsis.) Soon I’ll start the shorts, but this week is all about Etsey and Laurie, which, yes, they’re odd bedfellows. Oh well.

Next, though, is getting ready for the release of Special Delivery, which this time I’m determined to promote a bit better. With Hero mostly I just hung out and waited to see what would happen. I’m not sure what I’m going to do for Sam and Mitch, but I intend to be a bit more proactive now that I’ve been once around the block. I will be ordering more paperback copies, so I can do like I did with Hero and sell them directly, which means you’ll get my little scribble in the front if you want it. Watch for that later.

But I wanted to do a contest too. Maybe a few of them. My trouble is I want to do things that are cute but impractical. Like I want to give away Sam’s dinner he has while watching Dancing with the Stars before Mitch calls and they have phone sex. But mailing a bottle of San Pelligrino, pot stickers, and Newman’s chocolate alphabet cookies is not going to work well. Even if I gave it to someone local, they’d need to be able to run quickly to a freezer. I can’t afford to give away an iPhone. There are plenty of sex toys, I suppose, but I don’t think that’s going to happen, either. So I’m still coming up with something other than "free book." I mean, I’ll do that, but I was hoping I could come up with something you’d want to get even if you already have a copy of the text itself. So if you’ve got ideas, Internet, I’d love to hear them.

And that’s where I’m at today. I’ve been remiss with the blogging. Statcounter says several of you are still visiting. What are you wanting to hear? Random updates like this? Pontification on writing? Pontification in general? Snippets? What’s your pleasure, people?

Off to refill my coffee and do more work. 

3 Comments on “Achievements, Acquisitions, and Inquiries

  1. First of all, ellipticals are amazing. I have knee issues when running, and the elliptical has been my cardio savior. Congrats on getting all of your edits finished. I can’t WAIT to read Special Delivery. Let me know as soon as I can preorder. 🙂
    And, I’m not picky about what I read in your blog posts. I just enjoy them. 🙂

  2. idea for giveaway
    Hi Heidi,
    Here’s an idea to create a buzz. I have always wanted to do something with fortune cookies. It can’t be that hard making fortune cookie dough, or even buying empty shells and sliding the pieces of paper in them. So perhaps you could type out some of the hot sentences or even phrases from the book and put them inside fortune cookies. The flipside could be your book’s title and release date. There must be some place out there that would serve these up with glee. The “in bed” would be written all over them!

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