Concept: I Haz It

 I’ve been trying to come up with a concept for the Midsummer Nightmare call for submissions at Dreamspinner due mid-March, and I’ve been drawing blanks for weeks now. Finally today I sat down and made myself start, and because I couldn’t think of a single word, I started with pictures. It took a few hours, but I found some, and thought it cost me my date on the couch with Dan and Anna to watch The Simpsons, I now have a Curio page, three characters (with names!) and a plot outline.

This one is weird, but fun at the same time. The Sherlock Holmes soundtrack features heavily in the playlist, to give you some idea of tone. But it’s kind of creepy too. And sexy, I think. We’ll find out soon.

But not tonight. I’ve been at this work thing all day, and now I’m beat. Time to go see if I can talk a little backrub out of my husband….

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