Data, Data, Data

The Goodreads giveaway of two paperback copies of Special Delivery ends tonight at midnight. I have to say, the fact that 800 people clicked on Sam & Mitch warms the cockles of my heart. I am, however, baffled that all you have to do is tweet to possibly get $25 and only one man has entered. As you like it, people.

In other news, the incredibly-glorious-and-I-am-gonna-kiss-her-on-the-mouth   emailed me today to tell me we were going to see Ingrid Micahelson in April.

In OTHER news, it is still snowing here. Or again. Or something. Or we’re in hell. It’s breached the basement windows. It’s covered the stumps in the yard. The swing set is going next. It’s beautiful. But it’s stealing my soul. I don’t even know why, because I like snow. Its just feels so malevolent this year, like it wants to snuff me out. GODDAMN IT, NO. I have things to do here.

Today is a day which so far has been absolutely clear of pain. I mean, nothing. Thank you, universe.

And finally: I’ve blogged about him before, but I’m going to do it again. This is DW Marchwell. He writes lovely books. Here is his latest.

It is a fantastic, sweet (but sexy!) story. You should be reading it. I told D I looked forward to duking it out with him on the bestseller page. After less than twenty-four hours, he’s already on the paperback and novel page. Go make it even harder for me and buy his book.

The other reason you should read D is because later this year, hopefully, you will be reading something by the pair of us. We started in earnest this week, and last night we met on Google Documents and discovered that we liked this gig a lot. I also learned how to spell Saskatchewan. I haven’t put it on my WIP page on my website yet because we barely know what it’s about, but you, dear reader, can get a tiny preview here. My character, Jamie, goes up to Yellowknife, Canada, to surprise his boyfriend on his ice fishing trip only to find that his boyfriend lied and is actually in the Florida Keys. There he meets Tom, D’s character, and they get snowed in. I don’t know what else happens yet, because we haven’t gotten that far. I do know that Jamie needs to quit smoking. Other than that, it’s hard to say. Stay tuned!

Because I am involved, you knew there was a Curio page without me having to tell you.

I "met" D after I emailed him to tell him how much I liked Good to Know, his first novel; how we went from from that to co-authoring, I don’t remember. I find it fun and intellectually stimulating, and I feel good about it. But if you want to wish us well, we won’t turn good thoughts away!

So that’s the story. Contests. Concerts. Snow. David’s book. Our book. No pain.

Good day.

9 Comments on “Data, Data, Data

  1. I feel like I’m drowning in awesome stories to read. And I think I might have to step back from Good Reads before someone finds me hunched over my keyboard at 3am, tatty blanket around my shoulders while I mainline all the wonderful books.
    I’ve already had D’s books on my mental list since you started talking about him. Now it’s time to go out and buy myself some. 😀
    Glad it was a good, pain-free day.

    • Wait until you do an author chat and everyone starts posting their excerpts. You might want to hide your credit card and undo your cookies in advance.

    • Wait until you do an author chat and everyone starts posting their excerpts. You might want to hide your credit card and undo your cookies in advance.

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