State of Mind by Libby Drew: Available Now

The fantabulous   has a book out today.

I’ve read the first few chapters (thumbs way up!), but Dan galley proofed it for Dreamspinner; the whole time he was reading, whenever he was away from the book, he kept saying, "All I want to do is go finish that book." He kept quoting bits to me too, because he couldn’t resist. He’s going to be giving it a review on his blog soon, because he’s making it one of the twenty-five books he’s reading and reviewing for the year.

So I just ordered my copy in paperback, because clearly this will be going right on the keeper shelf. Go ahead and get yours now too.


Grier Crist works for the Organization—a group of Gifted “agents” who use their powers to keep peace, help those in need, and combat criminal influence around the globe. When a suspicious bombing drives Grier to break his ties with the group and go into hiding, the head of the Organization sends model agent Alec Devlin after him, claiming Grier is a murderer and traitor to their cause.

Grier manages to turn the tables and take Alec hostage long enough to convince him that the Organization is lying and hiding something sinister. The two strike a bargain: amidst enemies who want them dead, friends with their own agendas, and the growing passion between them, they’ll work together to bring down the Organization in order to protect the world… and each other.

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