This message brought to you by the letter V

Mia’s surgery is next Monday. Can’t remember if I said that or not already. Taking her in to the vet tomorrow, though, because her cist seems really big. Not sure if it needs to be drained or what. She continues to appear perfectly fine, excepting this big-ass hump on her back.

Slogging my way through the galley edits of Double Blind. Once again, nothing like the editing process of publishing to make you hate your work. And after that stellar and highly professional sales pitch, may I direct your attention to Goodreads, where you can win a hardback copy of the novel.

Other publishing news: I found out I got accepted to the Necking anthology from Dreamspinner. A short story called "Down the Middle." I’m not sure how much I wrote about that one’s composition here. I bitched about it plenty, but possibly mostly on Twitter. It’s in first person and I still am not sure what I think about it. Dreamspinner liked it though, so now it’s theirs. Along the same vein, I think I failed to mention that I sold "Kissing the Dragon" too. I’d submitted it for the Brush of Wings anthology but thought it was on the edge of "angels" so didn’t expect much. They bought it instead for another anthology out later this year, Myths and Magic: Legends of Love. Still waiting on The Wounds in the Walls, though that submission call just closed, so give them a bit. That story is still creeping me out a month after I wrote it, thank you very much.

Began drafting the fairytale novella for this image, which I’d said I’d do some time back and had yet to start. Except it’s coming out a bit smuttier than I think the beautiful picture deserves. I have six thousand words and am trying to wrench it back to that image. Also trying not to keep it from turning into Hero II. I should also probably name the love interest….

Chronic pain was doing better and then the past two days decided to take me for a ride again. Sailing away on Vicodin again tonight. Had this treatment done to me at a shiatzu session last week, and it really did the trick. The places she used that technique are still largely aces. Now to deal with the neck and hips. My lower back WAS awesome, and then I went to aqua therapy and managed to screw myself up royally. Have also resumed laser treatment stuff at the chiro, which has helped too. Unfortunately, I keep getting stuck in very loud moments. Going back to PT next week to say, "When I came here with a script for a TENS unit, I was hoping to actually get one." We’ll see how that goes.

Trying to think of what else. Oh! Dan is going Mac. (Rawr!) He has 2/3 of the money set aside for it, and it’s my hope to help carry him the rest of the way. (Oh, is it nice to make a little money for a damn change.) And of course there is the glory of April 3. Funny, it was a good day last year too.

This is about it for now. Oh, other drafting news. Submitting a proposal for not just The Seventh Veil but the whole freaking Etsey series this week. Dan is proofing it now. (In theory. I think he’s still reading Double Blind.) Trying to regain my momentum on Two To Tango because it’s been languishing. Had to cry uncle for the moment on the project with David, because I’m blowing my circut breakers. Hoping to maybe resume that next week.

So, the same. Lots of balls, more drugs than I’d like, way too many damn therapy appointments, but whatever. Anna and I are reading Hat Full of Sky aloud, and I’m revisiting Soul Music. Does not get much better than that.

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