There may or may not be eggs

I have successfully burned myself out.

I’m actually quite good, but I’m a little swamped and overwhelmed. I’m going to take the next five days or so to try and reset the compass needle. I finished all but one of the projects with a deadline, and another is about to come at me. And more will come after that, which is good. But I need a better plan.

Which, actually, will take more than five days. So let’s say it’s going to be the next few weeks. I’m going to have an abbreviated Heidi Lent here, and by Easter Sunday I will be reborn. Maybe I’ll even have a Maundy Thursday. That was always my favorite Lutheran holiday, believe it or not.

This is not to say I won’t blog. But if I’m extra slow with emails or absent or don’t respond, it’s because I’m Off Thinking. And rebooting. Some Zen, some Easter, some pagan too, I think. Actually, this is mimicking what therapy has become. Find the center: it will help the periphery come back home.

I don’t think I can work an egg metaphor into this. But I might have to have a Cadbury chocolate one just to round things out.

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