Meet me on Facebook Saturday 1-6 EST

Tomorrow I’m at Dreamspinner’s Facebook site from 1-6 EST, chatting and excerpting and giving away ebooks and things like that. Stop on by if you want. I think you do have to have a FB page to participate, which I know will send some of you screaming. That’s okay.

Umm. that’s about it. But this feels too short. Want another collage?

The details on this one I won’t share yet, because they’re long. But, you know. If you come tomorrow, you have me captive for five hours. Though I will say this one has its own personal cattle prod. Somebody wants this book written. I’m going to have to get me some education first though.

Now back to work. You’ll notice there has been no announcement that Two to Tango is done. Because I can’t seem to get any work done. I think I have to turn the Internet off. Like, OFF.

Happy Friday.

Okay a hint is that it’s another Sam/Mitch/Randy/Ethan book. You get nothing more for now.

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