Necking Release party (win stuff!), bad dreams, and recalcitrant WIPs.

Stop by today at the Dreamspinner Press blog to meet the authors in the Necking anthology, which will be released on Monday, May 10 in ebook and paperback formats. Here’s my post and a teaser to my story, and here is the link for the contest to win either an ebook copy or a paperback. I can’t tell if there aren’t any entries yet or if the entries are just hidden, but hey, free stuff! Go on over and try your luck.

(Hint: you know the answer to contest question one.)

In other, non-promo news….

I’d like to formally register a complaint about my dreams. The other night I dreamed my father died and woke up sobbing. Then last night I dreamed my local organic cooperative had started selling whole smoked hams with the pig’s head still on at the front counter, which wasn’t half as bad as the floor to blisteringly-high ceiling coolers were fairie carcases were sold. For some reason the fairie carcases were blue. But they were human-sized, and they had their heads on and everything. They completely spooked me out, but for some reason I felt I needed to buy one. I tried to order one that still looked normal and asked for "the blond" (only to see a blond looking just like her walk away from the cooler section), but the clerk told me I wanted the "son of [Somebody]" model, and pointed to one of the blue ones. I realized that we were supposed to eat these people, which really upset me, but everyone was doing it, so I felt like I should. There was also something to it being my co-op: if they were selling it, somehow this seemed okay. Trying to reassure myself, I asked the guy I used to carpool with to student teaching (who just happened to be standing next to me) where they got the carcasses. Pleased, he told me they trapped them at what the faeries thought was a party. He seemed to think this was very clever and justified. It made me want to be sick. I ran off, horrified, but I couldn’t leave because Dan and Anna were browsing Mother’s Day cards and wouldn’t stop. I woke up in severe pain and very disoriented, falling out of bed as I tried to find my glasses. I was also highly, highly nauseous. (Wouldn’t you be?)

I can only assume these dreams are some sort of stress response or possibly my subconscious revolt. I keep trying to write, but the new exercise regimen they have me on is consuming, and between that and the three thousand other damn things that come up in a day, I’m having a hard time getting anything accomplished. And just for extra fun, a new WIP exploded in my head. And I mean, it EXPLODED. It was one of those so loud the only way to shut it up was to write some of it down. So now I’m writing Two to Tango AND The Mind Thief. I WILL finish TTT. I like The Mind Thief as well, but I won’t swear to its staying power just yet. How can I? These are the current WIPs I have going:

  1. Two to Tango
  2. Temple Boy (and the whole damn Etsey series)
  3. Small Town Boy
  4. Nothing Else Matters
  5. Pretty When You Cry
  6. One Night
  7. The Mind Thief

Telling to me is that every last one of these are m/m. I swear these stories live somewhere and are part of a rich vein, because it’s like once they find a conduit, they come screaming. Except right now I feel like the oil rig off of Louisana. At some point this is just going to be some sort of messy spill. We need control here, muses.

The good news is that if you like m/m stuff or even just mine, if I can rope this pony and manage to stay on its back, you ought to have plenty to read. And so, with that, I go back to work….

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