Will this end in tears?*

I’m going to stop starting blog posts by apologizing for not blogging, because I have been trying to pull back and reorganize, and I finally managed. Sort of. Anyway, I’m writing, and now properly on the WIP I am nearly done with and hope soon to finish. "Soon" being probably not before June first. Still, it’s starting to gel up a bit more every day.

I don’t have a full rough draft on Two to Tango, which is important to note because despite the fact that it doesn’t have a full ending in place, I’ve gone back to the beginning to revise. This feels a bit like juggling kegs of gunpowder, but at this point I didn’t feel I had too many other options. I would have pushed on to The End, but it was so much bullshit at this point that I realized I was probably going to have to revise most of it anyway. I knew what had to be altered at the beginning, but even with the wonder of Scrivener it felt too sketchy. So back at chapter one I am, except I worked hard today and now am at chapter three. Something is still wrong with chapter one, and Laurie’s initial conflict is a bit forced/unrealistic. But the beginning is always last anyway, for me. It’s possible that going back to revise without finishing was a dangerous move, and the answer to the subject line of this blog could be YES. But it could be tears of joy. Or madness. Or I could end this dry-eyed. You never know. Well, not until I get to the end.

In the meantime, as if this second I have NO OBLIGATIONS WITH A DEADLINE. No edits. No scenes I owe anyone. I am supposed to read two books by the end of the month for challenges, and now I have a third, sort of, and of course what did I do last night but reread My Fair Captain. Ah, well. The point here is that I am working and have all the time in the world to finish.

Except I really want to go to the Twin Cities to research. I couldn’t get to Vegas for Double Blind and did just fine, but Minneapolis/St. Paul is practically a stone’s throw away, and people don’t videotape/make movies of Minnesota the way they do Vegas. So I may do a day trip up there sometime in the next few weeks. (Yes,  , if I do I will meet you for lunch/dinner/a handshake if possible. Of course!) Stay tuned. I will try to do a report if that happens. Maybe even video. Or not.

Anna is going to Dan’s parents’ for the night, and so Dan and I will go to see Ironman. That is, if I can stay awake. I was up at 5AM to write, and I’m starting to droop. Otherwise this weekend is Demicon and Anna’s violin recital. Which she will be able to play in because, despite the fact that I broke her bridge last night, the violin guy downtown has fixed it. Thank God.

I think that’s about it for news. OH. Excuse me, it’s not. There is THIS.

(Kylie Minogue’s upcoming single. Sam Keller approves.)

With that, I must go and pick up Anna. Think untangled plot thoughts, and maybe within a few weeks I’ll be teasing you with excerpts for Ed and Laurie again.

*In addition to being today’s blog post title, this is also a fantastic song by the even more awesome band The Belleville Outfit.I discovered them when I found out my former brother-in-law, Radoslav Lorkovic, was in something called the "Naked Folk Calendar," which how do you not check that out? Except it seems to be gone now, so don’t try. While there when it was up, however, I found a link to The Belleville Outfit, because they were naked too. Not reading carefully, I thought this was The Bellevue Outfit and was excited because I hail (sort of) from Bellevue, Iowa, and wanted to learn more about cool Iowa folk muscians. Well, they’re not from Iowa, of course, but their songs are great, and I ended up buying an album.

So let this be a lesson to you. If you get naked, you might make money.

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