Heidi Has Pride

Well, in theory there was going to be a blog post BEFORE Pride saying, "Hey, I’ll be at Pride, come on down," but things went crazy, so the post will be recap only. But I did go to Des Moines Pride, known here as Capital City Pride. I didn’t just attend: I had a booth for Dreamspinner Press, and I wasn’t the only author, either. Months back when I signed up for Pride, I put out a call on the Dreamspinner loop for any author who wanted to come to Des Moines to feel free. Marie Sexton (who hails from Colorado) emailed me and said, "Sure, I’ll come!"

This is us at our booth. We were there for the street party on Saturday night and the parade and festival on Sunday, and in true Iowa spirit, it was humid as all hell. We had a lot of browsers Saturday, but not many purchasers as most people didn’t want to carry books around all night. We got a lot of word of mouth out for Dreamspinner though, and some people told us Sunday they’d checked us out overnight and had already made some purchases. Yes!

We got home late Saturday night, passed out, then rose early to do it all again. Unfortunately overnight a weather system had crept up on us, and from 9 to 11AM it was pretty much a monsoon. Marie and her friend Drew headed off to Dollar General for some waterproofing, and we ended up with a tent that kind of reminded me of a sultan’s den.

Later in the day we tore down the sides, but we were ready for more rain. Which was why as soon as we had this set up, it stopped raining entirely.

It was wicked fun to be at Pride. Met a ton of people, sold a pile of books, and got roped into doing another Pride event. More on that in a bit. But it was absolutely fun. I am still tired from it, but I will so be doing it again next year. I think my favorite part was watching guys handle the books. They loved the cover art. LOVED it. Anne Cain has fans in Des Moines, Iowa. Sometimes the books walked off without anybody reading a word: they bought them for the covers alone. And it was very fun to have people be exited about a hero from Iowa or Kansas or Minnesota. There were a lot of guys who seemed genuinely touched at the idea of books "for them." They were sometimes perplexed at straight women writing them, but in the end they didn’t care how it happened, just that it did.

Marie Sexton is also absolutely wonderful. We talked book all weekend, and ogled hot men, and in general had a great time. We had a good system going by the end of the day on Sunday: she lured them in with CDs and promo cards, and I worked the table. I haven’t plugged Marie on here yet: you need to read her stuff. All of it. Start with Promises and work your way on through the ouvre. She is fabulous, and so are her stories.

I also want to give a hat tip to Zahra Owens: she donated two books to our table, and the full proceeds went to One Iowa. She also sent along handpainted cards both for the books and for One Iowa to give away at their booth. Thank you so much, Zahra!

I mentioned I was approached by other Pride organizers; one of them was very persuasive, and as a result, I will be at Iowa City Pride this coming weekend. Down on the Ped Mall, as I understand. So if you’re in the Iowa City area on Saturday afternoon, stop on by!

It seems like I’m leaving a lot out, and I probably am, but to be honest, it’s been four days since I’ve written a word of fiction, and it’s starting to drive me absolutely crazy. So if you want a longer report, I will direct you here, and if you want a lot of photos, I will direct you here. Now I’m off to make a pot of coffee and work for an hour. If this week and next go like I’m hoping, soon I should have some interesting things to show and tell. If not, I’ll just make something up.

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