Sweet Son, available now

Pride and desire send prosperous merchant Eryn on a personal quest to find the perfect man to share his life. Eryn has heard of a mythical land beyond the mountains, where it is rumored that a benevolent, magical prince rules a kingdom of equality and harmony, and so he sets out, alone and determined… but even the most focused of determination will only take Eryn so far.

A destined true love does wait for Eryn, but the path to his future is rife with risk, and he will face not only his deepest fears, but also pain, torture, and bone-deep desolation as he struggles to reach Wyn, a sweet, beautiful, and fragile man trapped in an enchantment. If Eryn is to have any chance at a happily ever after, he will have to conquer the illusions that have always consumed him, even if it means sacrificing life and limb for love.

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This is a kinky little fairytale. It’s somewhere between Snow White and The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, and honestly, there’s some Baba Yaga and Maiden King in there too. Quite kinky. Quite dark. I walk right up to the edge of non-con and shake its hand in a few places. I figure telling this either spares you some discomfort or makes you go "Ooh!" and run to buy it faster.

This novella was written of course to sell, but the whole time I wrote it for my darling, beloved . Jason has wanted "something about pain," and between the education of porn he’s given me and the nudge to read Bloodraven, mixed up with the fact that I adore him and wanted to please him, this is the book that resulted.

So there you have it. Sweet Son, ebook novella, available now.

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