Talk about right in front of your face

I’m mapping out the Two To Tango plot on my whiteboard, trying to figure out where I went wrong. Very quickly I realized Laurie has been avoiding his conflict. Well, that’s one thing down.

But I keep looking for the spine, the hard center that will keep the story from going off track. I really, really don’t get to have an antagonist, not in body, so I’m trying to find the spine. It’s long; it needs solid form. It needs a mainline, a center to keep it organized. It needs a central touchstone. Something for me to hang all the plot on and the reader to follow.

It needs a center. A CENTER.

The story is set, largely, at a community gym/meeting place/service organization. The plot wanders into other places, but one of the goals is to help save this place. Lots of characters are involved in it. Control/aid keeps moving back and forth between Ed and Laurie’s hands. Want to know the name?



Fucking hell. The center is the center.

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