The Incomparable Cate

Here and there in recent blog posts I’ve tangentially mentioned Cate () as having been a visitor at my house. Here she gets her own post.

I met Cate years and years ago via , who simply said to the two of us, "You need to meet." We began reading and of course then commenting on each other’s journals, and eventually that led not just to conversation but to swapping manuscripts. Cate is featured frequently in the acknowledgment sections of my books, giving me some of the best critiques I get on my fiction. She even has a cameo in Double Blind as part of the fun of last year’s NaNoWriMo—Canada Cate is real! The only part that’s not true is she says she really doesn’t do well at poker. 

Last year I made several nudges that Cate should come and visit, and low and behold, she took me up on it: on August 4 she came, and she stayed until the 15th. Our plans got befuddled a bit by weather, floods, and my usual body stuff, but we managed to take a trip, introduce her to the locals, go to the pool, see a few local sites, and watch a lot of The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Rachel Maddow Show. We even got to do one "write-in" at my dining room table.

Cate is hands-down one of my favorite people. I was a bit off my game while she was here (more on that in the next post), but I adore her and absolutely loved having her here. Cate is one of those people who is quite simply beautiful. Photos don’t quite do it justice, but she has this air about her that reminds me of Eleanor Roosevelt. Grace, beauty, intellegence, patience, quiet charm: being with Cate simply puts you at ease. God knows my daughter fell in love with her. Anna is STILL mourning the departure of Cate—well, we all are, but no one quite as acutely as Anna, who has declared her "my first adult best friend."

It was such a pleasure to have Cate here. I hope she had as good a time here as we had having her, and I hope, quite ferverently, that she comes again. She is and will always be an honorary Cullinan.

(Message from Anna: TANGLE KELP!)

19 Comments on “The Incomparable Cate

  1. It sounds absolutely wonderful! I went to visit a blog friend in Toronto last fall for about 8 days and it was so much fun we’ll probably do it again next year. 🙂

  2. It sounds absolutely wonderful! I went to visit a blog friend in Toronto last fall for about 8 days and it was so much fun we’ll probably do it again next year. 🙂

  3. Was Google-ing myself (because I’m vain that way), came across this post again and *bam* my whole trip to Iowa came back to me. I burst out laughing at “TANGLE KELP!” and immediately thought “Anna’s growing up and I’m missing so much!”

    We (aka I) need seriously to make another trip happen this summer. Good news: I was mistaken that my trip with my mother is three weeks (it’s two) so I have the vacation time, AND, I have the air miles available, so if I can a week off in mid-to-late August works for the bookstore, does it work for you?

    (Will contact you tomorrow via email, in case you don’t get notifications on older posts.)

    • Anna says, YAY! Me too.

      That time works for us: If all goes well that will put me in the last throes of my surgical recovery. So probably no trips to the House on the Rock this time, but if you’re game for more local color, we’re in! It’s MAYBE possible we’ll have a proper basement bedroom by then, but if not Dan will share his office once again. ❤

      • Yay! I’m game for anything as long as it includes the Cullinans. ❤ I'll check out the work sched situation and get back to you ASAP.

        I'm going back to Iowa! #SoMuchHappiness

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