If I don’t write soon, I think I’ll explode.

Let’s see. I have a list on my wall of stuff I’m supposed to blog about. Let’s walk through it, shall we?

  • NaNoWriMo: starts Monday. Track my status here if you’ve a yen for such things. I will likely post an excerpt of Better Than Love there eventually. I am VERY psyched to start writing it. Very. Psyched. I’ve been using the fabulous, wonderful Scrivener 2.0, which has amazing new meta data sheets and has CHARACTER AND SETTING TEMPLATES. And a research bar ON THE SIDE, OMFG. I also hear it gives you Growl notifications when you hit your word count goal. I seriously have had several writing orgasms over this software. They have a PC version out in beta, but I have heard people are often less than impressed with it. Well, it’s still on a PC. What do you expect?
  • I have been interviewed by Romancing the Blog. There’s a contest in there as well, for either Special Delivery or Nowhere Ranch. Bear in mind I don’t have an official release date for NR yet, so if you win and choose that, don’t wait up for the file. It won’t be coming soon. Soonish, maybe, but not soon.
  • I am still writing the Recency. I’m going to try to keep updating it during Novemeber, which will be interesting, I’m sure. I wanted it done before NaNoWriMo, at least as a draft, but damn it to hell, it didn’t happen. Sigh.
  • You can help out a lovely, lovely couple adopt some children and have coffee at the same time. And actually, I’d love it if you’d pimp this high and low to your friends. You know the Iowa Supreme Court decision that allowed same-sex marriage in Iowa? The lead plantifs are Kate and Trish Varnum, and they are trying to adopt a child. Want to show them that you think they are awesome and give a needy child a home to boot? Buy coffee! Fair trade coffee! Or a sticker, or a T-shirt! I want to see if I can do the two bags a month plan. God knows we would drink it.

I believe this covers the list. There’s probably other stuff I should blog, but as I have mentioned, I have not been able to write in over a week now and IT IS STARTING TO BOTHER ME A GREAT DEAL.

I think I need wine.

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