Less Dancing, Still Not Sure WTF Is Going On, But We Shall Overcome.

I’ve done micro blogs on FB and Twitter, but for the long version, this is what happened today in Heidi’s Mystery Aliment, Part 123,523,165.

I woke up feeling pretty good and thought maybe it was all just a bad round of Vicodin. But I made it as far as the shower before I started feeling vaguely weird, and by the time I got out the random body spasms had returned. They were milder though, and I figured out that if I kept pressure off the spine, it wasn’t so bad. Try that sometime and see how easy that is. Standing, sitting, and even most versions of lying down are out. Mostly I made do as best I could and had to watch while everyone else got ready and I couldn’t help.

After settling Anna at school and taking care of a small matter there, we headed up to Story City to my beloved physical therapist Carol Ann. She saw me "walk" in, stumbling on Dan’s arm, and her eyes went wide. By the time I left, I was ambulating. Like, for real. I still had a general feeling of oddness, but I could walk, and I had new strategies in my toolkit for how to take care of this new pain issue. After a quick run through McD’s, we headed back to Ames to go to my equally beloved chiropractor.

Dr. Davis took care of some sore spots, but he wasn’t pleased, because he said there was no way that what he did lined up with how weird my body had been. By the time I’d come back later that day with Anna for her scheduled appointment, he rechecked me, and still finding nothing, he urged me to go to my general practitioner and see a neurologist. Something about this being a brain stem issue, and it wasn’t something to mess with. Since by the time I headed home some of my twitching had started to return, it began to seem like a good idea.

So tomorrow I head to Dr. Bird, after which I assume it will be a short trip to some tests and to neurology. I think it’s very premature to worry about anything, and in any event, it certainly won’t do any good. I will, of course, keep everyone updated, but bear in mind the last time I had a neurology appointment because of blinding pain in my neck and arms that made me sob it hurt so bad, I got in after three months. (Hands off our health care! Yeah, fuck off.) I will update as I know stuff. Again, I really don’t think anybody should worry. And yes, Mom, I’m still okay. I feel tired and have a headache and feel like people played merry hell with my body all day, which in fact they did.

Just remember I’m married to the sexiest pharmacist on the planet who also does the dishes and thinks I’m beautiful in my bathrobe. Really, that’s all that matters. Arms and legs that function properly are gravy.

Okay, so I want those too. And I’m quite confident that this will all be sorted and fine and that tomorrow is full of puppies and rainbows. Amazon Iowan, over and out.

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