Christmas. You know. With the stuff. And the presents. Plus three of our four computers died or had personal problems. People are visiting. I made cookies. Lots of cookies. And of course the shopping. And the shopping. And the fucking shopping.

So, soon the writer thing will happen again, and probably some blog thing too. Also, you might want to consider joining the newsletter before Christmas. There may be cake. Or Randy. Or something. Maybe Randy in a cake. It’s hard to say. I haven’t written it yet. NOTHING QUITE LIKE A DEADLINE.

All I know is tomorrow I am NOT driving to West Des Moines. Not even if they stuff it full of money and only tell me where they hid it.

Okay MAYBE then. But only for that. Otherwise I’m staying home, writing laundry, and writing. Well, and making cookies with my sister.

I just wrote "writing laundry." TIME FOR BED, CULLINAN.


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