Q & A #2: Teacakes and Movies

Schuyler asked:

The question is this: Given that God is infinite, and that the universe is also infinite… would you like a toasted teacake?

Possibly. But no coconut or raisins.

Okay, sorry, far too much time watching Red Dwarf lately. Anyway, in reality, here’s a hypothetical for you. If you were to be offered a chance to have your works turned into movies, who would you want overseeing the entire process? (Like I said, completely hypothetical…)

Well, hey. You never know. And yes, I’d happily take money for movie rights.

And I’d do just that, sell the rights and shake hands and say, "Best of luck to you." I would probably ask questions of whoever bid, but I wouldn’t want to interfere. I’d make it clear I was open to answering questions if they wanted to ask them, but I wouldn’t want creative control. I don’t know anything about making a movie. Given some time and tutoring, I could maybe write a screenplay, but the pacing of a novel and a movie don’t always line up. I think I’d be too crippled by my sense of what it takes to make a novel work to learn how to turn that same thing into a film. I love movies and television shows and would love to see my stories transferred to that media.

Wait. I’m just now realizing I read this wrong the first time. You said who. I have no idea. Some nice smart person who knows a lot about movies and likes boys kissing. Which isn’t a very interesting answer, but I don’t really know anybody in Hollywood except my brother-in-law. I’d love him to do the editing, though.

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