No Resolutions

Blair made it through the wedding, so thank you all very much for the kitty prayers. Dan’s off all this week, so even if his last hard right to the shadowy door happens soon, he is sure to get some serious loving in the next seven days from his most favored human, which isn’t a bad way to go, I think. I can even say he took a sharp uptick about three hours after that post and when you all started emailing me and PMing me etc to tell me you were thinking of him. Now that we’re here to hold his hand, I am content to let Blair set whatever pace he needs. I promise to hold his paw all the way out and to feed him whatever food he decides he wants to eat until eating isn’t this thing anymore. I wish I could say I’d keep Sidney off his ass, but all I can promise there to do my best.

Wedding was awesome and amazing. I’ll try to do a post or something on it, but it’s hard to say. All I can say is if you ever get a chance to get married in a movie theater, do.

This blog had no end of the year wrap up and no navel gazing and no start of the year stuff. I enjoy reading that of others, and I sometimes enjoy writing it too. Or just thinking it. This year, though, I’m giving a pass. At the moment I"m not into years and starts and ends or even conscious growth. Right now I want to figure out how to continue refining the art of writing as many books as well and fast as possible and starting a career that will actually pay for more than the occasional evening out with taking care of my body and my mind and with being with my family. I have my triangle all sorted there, and I’m happy with it. I don’t care if it’s January or March or June. I just like trying to make the thing balance and seeing how hard or slow I can spin it. Because despite of and because of it all, I’m actually very happy and content. Even today having a huge crash from the holidays et al, even having to cancel a trip for various reasons, even with the Princess and the Pea body. Even with freaking cold weather. It’s a good life. It’s mine. I like it. If I resolve anything, it’s to keep on living. Which is kind of a boring resolution.

This week I have some paid editing to do, and I’ve promised to post a full pdf of The Twelve Days of Randy. I also need to help sort out the basement and spend some seriously quality time with Dan the Man. (But not in a tan van. And Stan can’t come this time.) I want to start putting the whole of A Private Gentleman together and do more arm wrestling with Better Than Love. And Temple Boy is starting to whisper in earnest.

I also need to do things like get out of my pajamas, take a shower, do laundry, and eat more than just cereal and rice. Failed on that today. I’ll work on better balancing tomorrow.

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