Tell the Iowa House you support equality: with your wallet

This started as a post on my twitter account, but I want to spread it around. In "honor" of the 62 representatives who voted to allow people to vote on civil rights issues and forcibly divorce same-sex Iowans and prevent future Iowans from marrying, I’m asking my friends, family, and followers to donate $10 or more to One Iowa. If you don’t want to send money over the internet, mail it to them (or walk it over if you’re in downtown Des Moines) at the address on this page.

Why One Iowa? Because they lobby tirelessly for the rights of same-sex couples and all LGBTQ in Iowa. They fight multi-million dollar foes like NOM and face radio personalities, church leaders, and "family values" advocates here in Iowa who have little else better to do, apparently, than take rights away from my friends and paint them as pariahs. They stand up to bigotry, rally the troops, and fight to elect legislators who support equality.

We donate monthly to One Iowa, and as soon as my fourth quarter royalty check makes its way through the blizzard, I’ll be donating extra as well. Will you be one of the 62? If you do, let me know on twitter, facebook, in the comments here, or email me. We can’t undo the House vote today. But we can help One Iowa help make it harder for them to go any further.

Please donate today.

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