Guest Post – Go read at Marie’s place today

 Lazy blogger alert. I really am going to post again soon, but here today is a post I sent to my partner in HAMEMA, Marie Sexton’s blog. I confess she had to email me this morning and say, "You did know you were guest posting for me today?" At which point I swore, napped, and then wrestled a post into existence.

It’s kind of meditation-esque, so   might want to check it out.

Go forth and read here. And I’ll tease with the beginning below.


Sigh No More: A guest post by Heidi Cullinan
Some Advice on Asking for Advice in Writing and in Life

I’ve started and erased the opening to this blog post so many times I think I’ve already written about six posts for the trash bin. My conclusion is that the problem is this is actually a very short piece with a fantastically long explanation. So I’ll start with the very short version and try to rein in the rest.

Writers can’t help asking for advice, but almost always that advice is dangerous if not downright detrimental. And, honestly, that’s true in most of life as well. The only one who can tell you that your writing is “right” or “good” is you. And you’re the only one who knows if you’re living your life correctly too, for that matter.

There it is, my thesis. Now to try to find a way to explain without eating up Marie’s blog….

By saying people should leave most advice lying right where they found it, I realize I’m spitting in the face of most of the Internet and a very large self-help industry. (Except that’s always bothered me. It’s self-help, but someone else wrote it. Which means that really, we’re all very interested in reading how other people helped themselves….) And I won’t lie to you: I’ve sought advice. I seek it every day. Like I said, this issue is complicated. The problem isn’t the seeking, I don’t think, so much as the taking.

Read more….

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