Monday…on Tuesday

So, Manic Monday didn’t happen.

In my defense, yesterday was fuckery from end to end. Ignoring the Daylight Savings Time crap, I also had a hellish night for both pain and sleeping, and ended up drugged and stoned until noon. After functioning minimally all afternoon, when Dan got home we went out and bought a bed. And then we got some new pillows and a comforter to go with it. Then I was so eager to go to bed that I did.

Goals for the week. Well, I had ideas in mind about how far I wanted to get on APG, but now I can see how this sucker is shaping up, and I’m going to allow some backslide. If I can advance by three chapters (the next bit of editing has a lot of revision and addition in it), I’ll be pleased. I also want to do some stuff with Anna. Like, her room. And exercises. Got to figure out how to work them in.

So that’s my Manic Monday, on a Tuesday. Stay tuned later today for my vote whoring for DA BWAHA to begin.

And Cat Tuesday. Which I can tell you now is likely to be no more than a photo.

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