Manic Monday: Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Last week was not quite what I anticipated. I don’t even know what to blame. What I can tell you is that I made about twenty percent of my blog goals (and not on time) and none of my writing goals. Some of it was because of legitimate work, some was DA BWAHA (in which I’ve advanced to round three, so brace for more pimping), some was health, and some who knows. So this week we try again.

Dan has put on his Concerned Face about the health thing and is wanting me to get an MRI and other such things. I told him to start with the chiro and maybe even the PT tomorrow, but that yes, I’ll go–I just need him to get the doctors to take me seriously. Which somehow he has the magic touch for that I don’t. Whatever.

This week there is some website issues (giving it a spit and polish), some production issues for The Seventh Veil, and as ever the stinking writing. I have a burning need to put this story to bed. I fully understand this will happen easier if I open the document and work on that.

Going to go get more coffee or tea and begin that now.

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