One more time: Vote please.

 Double Blind needs your votes one more time. Plase go here and click me. Or Josh. He’s pretty awesome as well.

Am heading out in a few hours to sit for four kids, the cherubs of our dear Jan and Sarah. Probably not a lot from me until Monday. So I won’t be able to do any hardcore vote pushing, which is okay. I’d rather play with the kids than do promo, and this is the perfect excuse.

Oh, family Friday. Um, a photo….

Kathy, me, and Caryle in 2007. I don’t even remember what we were doing here. Being goofy outside of the old Wheatsfield. This was back when I had hair down to my waist. Braided it was less than an inch thick. Not much for the hair, me.

Caryle, will you tell Kathy that we fucking miss her?

(Caryle is the girlfriend of Anna’s godfather and has been a friend since…well, 2007. And oh yeah, she’s family.)

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