Welcome to the new blog.

Feels awfully funny to be declaring this a new blog when I just imported upteen years of blogging to it, but this is, in fact, the first post that will just go to the WordPress blog. Well, untill I figure out how to automatically send this as a feed to LJ. Not this post, though. This post marks the place, for anyone trolling archives, where I went over to the WP side.

Why? Lots of reasons. The biggest one is that I can schedule posts here, and save drafts. Because sometimes I have time to blog, and others I don’t, and I’d rather be able to spread things around than dump all at once. Also, if I save posts outside of Livejournal, I have to reformat them when I paste them in, which is a colossal pain in my ass.

I will miss posting to LJ. Will absolutely miss my icons. But I’ve hardly been blogging there, and it’s starting to feel like a chain around my neck. Hopefully this helps, because I do miss blogging.

Off now to post the final post on my LJ, and then later today I’ll have my first post of substance here. There’s this new novel by a friend I need to promote….

Later, gators.

2 Comments on “Welcome to the new blog.

  1. *waves*

    I’ve put your new address into my RSS reader.

    I have to admit, I’ve been thinking of moving over here, too. I’ll likely make a decision when my paid membership come up for renewal.

    • Hello, darling Cate!

      You know, so far so fabulous. The import from LJ was seamless. You could even do it as a trial and not switch over right away to see if you like it.

      I am so very going to miss my icons, however.

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