Where I Write Things: A View of Heidi’s Office

I meant to write this Wednesday, but I managed to distract myself. A lot.

From the first time we toured this house as potential buyers, I knew where my office would be, and that room is where I have been to this day. The back of the top floor of our storey-and-a-half boasts a small 6 x 20 foot room with three large windows to the backyard (taking up nearly all one wall, two odd shuttered windows into the larger upstairs bedroom, hardwood floors, and a walk-in closet full of shelving. I painted it within weeks of our moving in: I forget the actual names of the colors–something about fiesta–but it’s essentially an extra-bright terra cotta red with mango trim accents. It took me several years to actually get curtains, but those are floor-length and full of the same colors. A crazy-quilt fabric makes up the door to the closet.

For a long time I had an antique fainting couch at one end, and when Physical Therapy disliked my salvaged thrift store desk, I had to get a prefab from Staples with a proper keyboard tray, but I kept the other desk for its drawers. I also had two bookshelves, a huge unmounted white board, a cat scratcher/perch, and two litter boxes in the closet. The latter happened because of Mia and Blair, first for old age and litter fickleness respectively, and then because of hospice care for both. They also both, in their last days, hung out exclusively in here, especially on that couch.

I found that after they died it was hard to be in my office. I could be in here for short periods, but to actually write in my usual space was too hard. And after we got back from our vacation and I recovered a bit, I decided I was going to revamp the place. I moved the couch to the porch. I moved all the bookcases and the desk to the dining room. I kicked out all the litter boxes and used the shelves, finally, because there was no more litter dust. I bought a cubical prefab unit from Target, stole a throw rug, TV tray, and a rocker from elsewhere in the house, bought a footstool and a new lamp, and got my father-in-law to finish mounting the white board. The result pleases me very much.



The white around the floor edge is from where I haven’t yet repainted after I had to Kilz the floor and up the walls where Blair had expressed his displeasure with the world via urine.

As you might have noticed, my office door (front and back, in fact) is decorated thanks to my daughter. I have an overflow folder in my closet, in fact, of pics that won’t fit or had to be taken down. My current favorite is the evil giraffe. You go to heaven if you know why that’s funny.

3 Comments on “Where I Write Things: A View of Heidi’s Office

  1. What a great office. I really like the whiteboard and pics of gorgeous men for work purposes, but art by your daughter and all the family pictures make it perfect. 🙂

  2. The office really is awesome.

    I noticed this redo how many pics of Anna I have in my office. It was never planned, but it makes me happy.

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