Last Call for Shakespeare for Writers (online course)

I’ve blogged this and maybe sent to yahoo lists, etc–I forget now. And I’m being a bit low-key as this is my first attempt at a course. But as a reminder, since there’s still some room, I’m teaching a course called Shakespeare for Writers later this month. Anyone can take it. Here’s the info. Spread the word, or not.

Right now it’s a great group of people with a wide variety of interests and backgrounds, and enough people to make things interesting without being too big. Part of me always wondered if fifteen was too much, so if we don’t fill entirely, that is no skin off my nose. But if you’re interested, now’s the time.

Incidentally, I’m thinking of doing this again with other topics. I did all this education for teaching and taught so long that I’m always yearning to do it again. And this sort of thing so lends it to the teaching style I love, which is basically organized facilitator. Workshops R Us. Maybe I should do a poll.

Things I’d be interested in teaching:

  • Conflict Workshop, Introductory Level
  • Character Workshop, Introductory Level
  • The Zen of Good Critiquing: How to Be a Good Critique Partner, and What To Look For in One
  • Advanced Nerdery: Theme
  • Advanced Nerdery: Character
  • Advanced Nerdery: Conflict

Shit like that.

Price is always a bugaboo. To me, the larger the class, the lower I can do the price, but the flip-side is that you won’t get as much attention. But maybe that’s good. Much over twenty, though, I think people get lost. But I dunno. Probably between $35-75, depending on the topic, interest, and my level of input.

Your thoughts and opinions always appreciated. Including whether or not you want a poll on this stuff.

And now I’m going to go write more novels.

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