Cat Update, Etc.

All week I’ve been meaning to blog a cat update, but I keep not doing it because I keep not having photos, so I put it off but don’t take photos. The cycle ends now. I will post photos later.

We put Bingley down last week, as noted. It sucked. I would much prefer to not do that again anytime soon. Though part of the not-blogging was the fact that, unbelievably, WALTER also became sick. For those keeping score at home, of our original five cats, he would have been the FOURTH to get sick and die. Not that getting sick=dying, but around here it was starting to feel like it. At first we thought he was just sad and missing Bingley (we have had them both for ten years and they were kittens together), but then we realized, no, he was sick. No idea what it was. He hid in the basement, wouldn’t eat, was very lethargic. We would have taken him to the vet on Wednesday except our vet is closed that day, so we were all set to take him today. He must have heard this plan, because yesterday he perked up in the evening, and today is almost totally the old Walter.

It happened to coincide with giving him a stalk of catnip. You and God may be the judge of that one.

Sidney (fifth original cat) through all this has just sort of wondered where people have gone off to and made sure we remembered his food dish.

The new kitties….

Daisy is adorable, cute as hell, amazing cure-all for any kind of depression. I believe I told the story of how we ended up with her; Saturday we went down to pick her up, but couldn’t get Glinda. Glinda actually came home just this week, so we’ve been a week with just Daisy.  Which in hindsight was probably good. Daisy and Anna bonded instantaneously. They must have been twin stars together or something, because it’s like two old friends have hooked back up. They sleep together, spend all day together, and when Anna is gone Daisy just looks a bit lost. She loves everyone, but we are all second fiddle to Anna.

Daisy also ADORES the other cats and feels they were put on earth to be her personal playmates. Walter initially had no time for this, but now that he’s feeling better he seems to be warming to her slightly. Sidney, in a fit of irony, is scared of her and so he runs from her. Which she sees as an invitation to chase him. If you know how Sidney tormented Blair (also a black cat), you are laughing your head off right now.

Glinda is another story. She was delayed because she had an upper respiratory infection, and she still has one, and Daisy developed one shortly after arriving, so we haven’t lost our give-cats-meds status yet. She only came home on Monday night, and just last night started integrating into the house. She hides a lot. She does not care for the other cats at all yet. But she’s warming to them, and when she feels brave, she loves to be petted and to play. She’s affectionate and loving, but she’s very skittish just now. You are most likely to find her under or behind something.

And so this is the cat update. I said etc in the title, but I think there is no real etc. Oh wait, yes there is. I FINISHED TEMPLE BOY and I sent it to betas and my editor at the same time. This means I’ll give you a full chapter one here soonish.

Right now I owe a post to Shakespeare for Writers, though, and I have an edit due, and the house needs to be cleaned because people are coming tomorrow. So enjoy reading about the kitties, and someday I will have a camera, take photos, get them loaded to a computer and post them.


3 Comments on “Cat Update, Etc.

  1. Oh, yay!

    I have a very old comic of a little boy going through his day – F on a math test, picked on on the playground, bus splashes mud on him, he gets rained on… and he goes home and gets a cuddle from his kitten, and all is well in his world.

    That is SO true!

    Hugs! (And congrats on Temple Boy! I’m buried in Nuriel with no hope on the horizon…)

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