Sunday Night Stuff


It’s hot here in Ames. I mean, it’s crazy-nuts, oppressive, blow-your-mind hot. One of those deals where the air temp is 94 but the humidity makes it 9004 or something equally heinous. It’s like a winter snowstorm in that you only leave the house if you must, except it looks deceptively nice outside.

Walter and Sidney did not get this memo and keep going out to lie sprawled on the porch for hours at a time. Occasionally we go poke them and ask them what’s wrong with them, it’s freaking hot out here! They just roll over and ignore us.

While I’ve been stuck inside I’ve been having a very weird case of EON. EON is my shorthand for “End of Novel,” which is usually a sort of black funk once a novel is finished before a new one is picked up. Part of the difference with this one is that I picked up something I’d been meaning to work on almost instantly because someone’s been waiting on it. Also there are a million little things due. So EON this time is presenting as a sort of stupor in which I prepare to do the tasks and either don’t or feel uncertain about my doing them. I still feel slightly urgent, like I’m on a deadline, except I’m not and then I remember and stop working. And then the urgent feeling comes back: lather, rinse, repeat. The new project doesn’t quite have its legs like I want. I think I almost have it, but I don’t. Which doesn’t help my cause.

Have been trying to get back into a fitness routine, but see the above about both oppressive heat and stupor. Last night I was a good little duckling and worked on the elliptical for ten minutes (worked HARD) to get my circulation up in my legs so they didn’t hurt. This worked, but it also made my neck so insane I couldn’t sleep until about four or five in the morning. It’s better now, but I’m a bit nervous of it happening again.

To get through the stupor and facilitate the writing and fitness necessities, I am doing a trial of Things. Unfortunately, I really like it. I say unfortunately because it’s fifty freaking dollars. But it’s so yummy. It imports my iCal to-dos and, best yet, it lets me set tasks up as repeating. Like, “do your PT exercises.”

I’m also trying to update my FB page more, as it had become just a feed from my blog, which as you well know I wasn’t updating regularly anyway. My challenge is to update FB once a day with something, anything. So far it’s been pretty fun.

Have decided I’m definitely going to Romantic Times Convention in Chicago next year. Thinking of putting together a possible workshop panel proposal: “How to write a relevant sex scene.” Not sure I have the phrasing right, but “non-gratuitous” is definitely worse. Trying to talk Marie Sexton into doing it with me. So far she’s lukewarm on the idea.

We’re also doing a six-month state-of-the-blog post Wednesday on Coffee and Porn in the Morning and announcing some slight alterations to our joint blog. Some of that will entail looking for guests to interview and highlight, and actually we’re looking for readers, fans, and friends instead of authors. We do love authors, but we want to get to know the whole audience. So stop by if you’re curious or interested.

Now that it’s late enough in the day that I can leave the house without passing out, I’m going to go run a few errands. If you’re in the Midwest: you have my sympathies, and drink a lot of water. If you’re not in the Midwest, don’t come here just now. We are not at our best.

More soon, because blogging more is on the to-do list as well, and I’m planning on cat photos and a teaser for Temple Boy by the end of the week. Oh, and Dance With Me is out in a week and a few days, so yes, Virgina, there will be a newsletter. And not to give too much away (*cough* that’s a big hint *cough*), but this would be a good time to join if you haven’t already. Really, really good time. (Fill-in box is in the upper left.)





3 Comments on “Sunday Night Stuff

  1. It’s crazy friggin’ hot here, too. I’m slowly reestablishing an exercise routine, so I went out at 9:15 and slogged around Lake of the Isles. Must get sunblock that doesn’t melt into my eyes… I had an elliptical briefly, but I never managed to use it without tweaking my neck, so I got rid of it for an exercise bike I never use… At least the cats look cute sitting on it.

  2. It ain’t the heat, it’s the humidity. Poor baby to you sweetie.

    I use ToDo, which I like better than Things. Has a new version for Mac desktop as well, and will also sync to your heart’s content, repeat tasls, etc. Right there with you on the organization of files and folders. Argh.

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