Cat Pics, At Long Last

Sorry. I had one of those weeks were all of a sudden it was Friday. With no further ado, I give you many, many pictures of cats.

Glinda, at home in the brown chair.

Daisy reclines on an unmade bed.

Walter inspects Daisy. He’s not sure about this.

Sidney chillin’ next to Dan’s shoe, hiding from the black kitten who scares him to death.

Anna loves her baby Daisy.

One of the last pics of Bingley.

With trademark patience, Bingley puts up with a photo with me. (Excuse my completely not made up or hair did self.)

Anna and her black cat club.

Dan being a sexy cat in his Golden Girls T-shirt as he does dishes.

Daisy explains to Dan how there are better things to look at than the Internet.

Walter and his holstein butt hide out on the front porch, catching a break from Kitten of Death.

7 Comments on “Cat Pics, At Long Last

  1. Glinda has the sweetest face!! Hopefully the kitten of death *er* Daisy will learn some boundaries so that poor Walter gets a break. Thank you so much for sharing the kitties!

  2. So much love for the kitty pics! Anna looks so happy with Daisy, and I don’t think I’ve seen a picture of Dan before. He’s a handsome man AND he does dishes. Right on! 🙂

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