I blame Z.A. Maxfield.

Technically I should blame either Jaye Valentine or Jessewave, but I’m sticking with ZAM. It’s true, this post is what started it. Most notably this picture.

It should have ended there. It could have. Except my Google Fu is strong, and there are WHOLE TUMBLRS devoted to this exceptionally yummy man.

And I still blame ZAM. Because I’ve been on a huge ZAM kick lately, reading and rereading, and pouting to myself about damn it, I want to write something LIGHT and FUNNY and FUN, and I want another road trip book, and I have all this stuff to do, but I’m tired and I want to play, and I want to write a FUNNY BOOK. Okay, what I want is about six different versions of Drawn Together because it’s my favorite and I can only reread it so many times in a row before I have to let it cool off so I forget details.

I think my muse heard all this, saw Andrej, and said, “We can do this!!!!”

An androgynous model on the edge and a washed-up bisexual fashion magazine editor. They end up in Iowa together. That’s all I know. We’re on the road trip there so far. Janko Djokovic and Benjamin Moeller. Janko might and might not be being watched by his ex. Ben doesn’t know what the hell he’s going to do now, and he really isn’t sure why he’s going back to Iowa. They are both adorable neurotic messes.

I have no idea if this is funny, but I am LOVING them so I don’t care. I’m having fun. I have no idea what happens next, but they seem to know. Holy shit, do they have hot sex. And it is coming out wicked fucking fast. Less than 48 hours in I have 15,000 words. This might even beat Nowhere Ranch for speed.

Note to Crystal: I AM STILL WRITING PIRATES. This is clearing my mental palate.

I still will post a bit of Temple Boy here, but we’ve been tweaking the intro and I wanted to make sure it was the actual opening.

Also, if anyone wants a job as a maid and general housekeeper, let me know. Your pay is in ebooks and eternal gratitude.

13 Comments on “I blame Z.A. Maxfield.

  1. OH, THIS BOOK. And ANDREJ! *___* He’s huge in my fandom right now because everyone wants to ship him with Bill. Sexy, sexy. I can’t wait for the steamy in this one!

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