Sunday Night Sundries

So, Mercury is retrograde.*

In the past I have tried to plan around Mercury retrograde. That was kind of funny, in hindsight, but as a Virgo I think that was a necessary road. After trial, error, more error, and a bit of reading up, my new approach to MR is to ride it. I don’t plan or not plan, but when I am trying to write a brand new story during MR and it doesn’t work out, or if a story stops working as soon as we hit full backwards, I ride it. If I get the abrupt urge to revise, I ride it. (I’ll also let revisions/final polishes slide until then on purpose as well. That tends to work out nicely.) I try to be less gauche on the internet during MR, but that only works out so well. You are what you are, after all.

This round on the backwards mobile has been interesting so far. A MODERN MAN was moving at warp speed and then we hit August 3, day of full MR engagement, and it went POOF. So I stopped. I still know what I want to write, and I might yet pick it up, but it has to be a wave, another crest, or there’s no point. I did, however, get A PRIVATE GENTLEMAN polished and mailed to Saritza. So that’s something off my desk.

And that’s when I got “stuck.”

I air-quotes that because I’m not actually stuck, I just can’t operate at my preferred capacity. What I should like is to, in an orderly fashion, crank out the manuscripts I have due and waiting to be told and then proceed to the next. What is actually happening is that the muses have gotten on the backwards mobile and said, “Whee! Let’s play.” And so began the Great Story Ingestion. There is reading. A LOT of reading. Rereads, new reads, weird reads–they’re all coming out. Today was also TV day. I watched The King’s Speech (and once again lamented that I didn’t get APG out BEFORE that movie, damn it) and a British gay comedy about bedrooms and hallways or something like that, and then I watched the Star Trek remake. I am now itching to watch something else. I don’t know what yet. Or I might read. Don’t know what there either.

It very much feels like MR is tilting the spaceship sideways and backwards and making everything fall around and shuffle, and instead of freaking out or trying to pretend it isn’t happening, the muses are going, “Oh, hey! Look what fell off the shelf! Play with that. Oh! And that one. Whoah. I forgot about that planet. Hmm. Drop what you’re doing and check it out. WAIT. No. Do this other thing instead. I get the feeling eventually I will get marching orders I actually get to complete, but for right now it’s muse ADD, and so on the ride we go.

I have come to respect Mercury in retrograde. It really is a good time to clean out the closet, either literally or metaphorically. Or both. It really is the best damn time in the world to revise, because usually you just can’t go forward, so you have to stand there or see it in reverse, and suddenly stuff makes sense that never did before.

This is why in the past I’ve tried to plan. I’ve tried to say, “Well, I should revise X now.” APG was a no-brainer, but it was more ready than I’d thought, so off it went. Thought about revisiting BETTER THAN LOVE, and that might yet happen. Or the craziness that is A MODEL MAN might pick back up. Who knows. I’m sure I’ll find out when I get there.

So that is me right now. What I’m very tempted to do is pick up my Kindle (birthday present early! Woo hoo!) and see what fun new things I can discover. Or old things. Or I may take it downstairs, pick up the remote instead and watch another movie.

Off to find out.

* Wondering what Mercury in retrograde is? It’s an astrology term for an astronomical illusion that the planet travels backward for a certain number of weeks. It does not actually go backward. It just seems to. However, it does seem to create a certain amount of havoc when it does this trick, especially if your sun sign is “ruled” by it. Mine is.

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