Sick kitty, but not mine for a change.

A very good friend of mine emailed last night to let me know his rescue cat isn’t doing well at all. As someone who is about to make her millionth trip to the vet this year (shots and upper respiratory follow-up only, thank GOD), I know exactly how hard it is to foot the bills. If you have some spare pocket change to help, please do. If not, your thoughts and prayers (and messages, for he’ll read this) still count.

Here’s a link to the donation site, and I’ll paste the info from there below. Thank you for your help.

This young lady was found outside and abandoned by her previous owners. She has not been spayed and is very malnourished. She is experiencing difficulties closing her mouth all the way. When she eats she has a hard time chewing the dry cat food. We have her on wet cat food for the time being, but she’s still having trouble eating it. Twice she has run off with her jaw wide open pawing at it, as if it is locked in place. She seems like she is in a large amount pain and it troubles her to eat. The cost will make it difficult to get her to a vet right away. Any donations would be appreciated. Every little bit helps! For now we are just asking for enough to take her to be seen by a vet. After her examination and test we will find out if more donations are needed. Thank you so much for your help! -Jason

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