The world is too much with me, especially my intestines.

I can’t quote Wordsworth without fucking with it a bit. I mocked him too much in college. Look, you would too, if your mentor, surrogate father, and personal hero was an 18th century Johnson scholar. Anyway, WORDSWORTH? Humble much?

But I digress.

I started this post earlier, but it got whiny, and then my body thought it would be fun to revisit the kind of pain and fuckery we haven’t seen since they took my gall bladder away. That seems to have passed/been tamed by a heating pad. Thank you Jesus. Anyway, here we are, happier and swilling S. Pellegrino and digesting toast, and hating the news.

Seriously. News? Fuck OFF. Riot here, debt crisis there, and then of course there are the politicians who apparently need preschool children to give them an intervention. Anna has taken to accidental injury, mangling not one but both of her feet. Dan has done his usual “I was going to do that” and didn’t get tickets to Adventureland, where he is going with Anna TOMORROW, and the discount ones from work are now gone, and he’s mad, and if we put it off Anna will be mad, and the house is a mess AGAIN and I need to cook the roast in the fridge and do laundry and there’s something else I’m forgetting, I’m sure of it, and I’m going to put my head under my heating pad and tell my intestines that it’s okay, I love them a lot, please don’t cry.

Seriously, everything? Fuck OFF. Just fuckoff. Fuck, fuck, fuck off, sideways, whatever, just GO. Go wander lonely as a cloud and dance with daffodils and muse about the innocent beauty of children, but maybe do it in a meadow or somewhere far away from the glass. I don’t care. I don’t care that there is too much debt  and that all the governments are stupid and the tickets are sold out and that the polar ice caps are melting. GOD, I don’t care. Well, I care, but I have these INTESTINES. They are rather focusing. I know Mercury is in retrograde and Uranus is on fire and Saturn is being a dipshit and WHATEVER, Pluto, get over the planet status, because I don’t care. Jimmy crack corn or whatever the fuck.

Here. There is this bit with some guy from MSNBC yelling, and that really was awesome, watched it twice, but he speaks in English and it’s political, so this is better. YELLING. Just yelling in general, and in Italian. Let’s send Fabio to Washington and London. With the preschoolers in his wake to talk about how we share and learn to get along. Or just watch the video over and over and over. Eventually we’ll all feel better. Probably.

2 Comments on “The world is too much with me, especially my intestines.

  1. I am so so sorry you are hurty. 😦 I am going for a colonoscopy and endoscopy next month so I can so relate. You need to come to the blanket fort and snuggle for a bit.

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