Updatey post is updatey.

I’m way behind on blogging, but I’ve declared tomorrow an only writing day, so here goes. This is what I’ve been doing.

  • I went to Colorado to see Marie Sexton last week, leaving Friday and coming home Tuesday.
  • I saw my first NFL game. I almost even knew what was going on.
  • The Mile High Stadium is really freaking steep, and Sam Keller screamed along with me as we climbed up to the top of it.
  • Boulder, Colorado, is like Iowa City on crack. Very cool place.
  • Marie Sexton’s daughter is a darling. She will also someday take over the world. Do not get in her way.
  • A psychic told me to stop eating meat and grains, and in trying to prove how stupid that was, I found out she was right.
  • I have sold a book to Samhain: A Private Gentleman. No, I don’t know when it will be out. I bet a year at least. Maybe more. Details to follow when I know what they are.

So, about that psychic.

We were in a new age bookstore, and a woman was giving readings at the back table. I decided I wanted one, and I got one. As psychic readings go, it was pretty usual. She was sometimes so wrong it was jarring, and sometimes incredibly right. One of the first things psychics tend to do is look at me funny and say, “Aren’t you psychic?” Which, I guess. I’m also a skeptic, but that’s another story.

She spent most of the time telling me how much I need to meditate. I’ve kind of known that but have been avoiding it. She also told me I was bored, which she might as well said, “You are a male and ride motorcycles up the sides of mountains.” I don’t even know HOW to be bored. She talked at length about how I’m supposed to be a healer, and she also said I wasn’t supposed to eat meat or grains.

I enjoy seeing psychics because I find it entertaining and sometimes educational. Some people gamble; I like to see what other people see when they look under my hood. She did give me some good things, like what colors are protective for me (they totally work!), and she gave me more than a bit of a psychic jolt. I was getting info right and left after I saw her. But the food thing? Dude, no way. No WAY.

Except part of me was obsessed with the idea, and so in a fit of pique I decided to prove that part and the psychic wrong. Starting on Tuesday I ate as little meat as possible and cut out grains nearly entirely. I have been horking down vegetables like they are candy on sale. Cheese, milk–you name it. Eating it like mad.

Holy SHIT do I feel different. And good.

She told me to make the dietary change for my psychic clarity or whatever, but man, it’s making me feel good physically. I don’t have heartburn at night. I don’t crash at 3PM. I’m not cranky and fitful in the same way. Part of me is still half convinced it’s because I went on a vacation, but it doesn’t quite wash because the change is that radical. And it’s getting better the further into it I get. Yes, it does make everything a bit clearer. But mostly it’s nice not to feel sick all the time.

So there’s that.

Had a great, great time with Marie, except that it was too damn short and we didn’t get nearly enough done. Like, we needed more wine and more writing and more playtime and everything. But I think a month would have been too short too. She streaked my hair as well–I have a pic somewhere. Will try to post it tomorrow. She may have put it up at HAMEMA.

And yes, the book sale. Hurrah! Yes, you’ll have to wait for some time, but those of you who email me (there is a large horde of you) to say you wish you had paperbacks for Loose Id books–well, you’ll have them at Samhain. You’ll have to wait almost a year after the ebook, BUT they will be there. I’ll be working with Sasha Knight, and I’m very excited about it.

In the meantime I have not been able to write because I’ve been gone or working on promo crap for GRL at NOLA, and I’m ready to scream, I’m so sick of it. So tomorrow there is no promo. Of any kind. I may even turn off the Internet. It is going to be me and my pile of WIPs.

And that, Virginia, is all I have to update for now. More to come. Eventually.

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