Today is one of those days where I’m not getting anything done, so I figure I might as well blog.

The vegetarianism continues. There is the occasional turkey or chicken, but mostly it’s not-meat. I’m still rather stunned at how welcome this is to me. Not sure exactly what to do with the freezer full of meat. Cook it for Dan, I suppose. I don’t understand why exactly I feel so much better sans meat. Dairy aplenty, and the coffee is still here. But the lack of meat continues to be huge on all fronts. Go figure.

Writing continues, and on way too damn many things at once. I think there are five going right now, though one, thank god, seems to be going back to a long simmer. I’m not sure why it’s working to do that many at once, but it is. Whatever. One of them is a story with Marie Sexton. It is our Fun Project, where we have no rules and no pressure, but we’re starting to talk about how and where we’d sell it, so I think we’re more serious than we let on. It has about 20k at the moment. The others are the usual: The Pirate’s Game, A Model Man, and Better Than Love, plus something Black Butler inspired. That’s the one I keep hoping will just flutter off into the dark corners of my mind. Because I think five really is too many.

Let’s see…pain stuff. Haven’t updated that in awhile, and many of you always ask. Rather okay, actually. Had a nice hiatus from it almost entirely in Colorado when I went to visit Marie, which is apparently due to altitude and barometric pressure or something. Either that or she has one hell of an air mattress. Have been doing rather well about getting to the pool at the gym and am just having the usual neck fuckery.

That is probably about it of note since the last blog. Mostly more of the same. I was supposed to blog about my trip with Marie at HAMEMA blog, but I did not. Sad. I do have a picture of our colored hair, though.

That and I got a Black Butler T-shirt. Wearing it now. I feel very, very cool.



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