Sunday Snog: Double Blind (Again)

I’m just copying Marie Sexton all over the place this weekend. Apparently there’s some six sentence thing too, but I only sort of get it, so I’m going to start with a kiss.

This is from Double Blind, because the book is still on my desk. Kind of long, because a kiss is only as good as its setup.

They all cheered him, and Randy gave him a chagrined smile, ducking his head to hide his real delight when Louis swore, picked up his remaining, paltry chips, and left the table. But Randy’s joy was short-lived, because the next thing he knew, Ethan had grabbed his arm and hauled him up from his chair. Randy followed, bewildered, as he was led out of the room, down the hall, and around a corner into the shadows, where Ethan backed him up against the wall and glared at him.

“You had a straight,” Ethan said tightly. “I thought at first I must have been wrong, until you said you had a 2. You didn’t. You had a 9 and 10, and you had a straight. Which beats three-of-a-kind.” He hesitated. “Right?”

Randy shushed him then glanced back up the hall to make sure Louis hadn’t been around to hear. “Keep it down, Slick! Yes, I did have a straight, and yes, it does beat three-of-a-kind.” He sighed. “Look. All I wanted was to clean out Louis, and if you must know, I wanted it to go to Kevin. I had no idea I’d pull a goddamned straight out of my ass.”

“You could have cleaned Louis out by winning, but you threw the game. Why?”

Randy pursed his lips, then looked away as he shrugged. “I can win anytime. Kevin’s going to go back to Burbank and tell everybody in his cubicle how he won at the Golden Nugget. Sometimes the pot isn’t the money.”

This confession made Randy feel awkward, and that irritated him. He was trying to come up with something scathing to say so the conversation would turn around again when Ethan asked, in an odd voice, “What time is it?”

Randy pulled his phone out of his pocket and peeked at the time. “11:40.” He lifted an eyebrow at Ethan. “Why?”

“This,” Ethan said, and grabbed Randy’s face before pressing his mouth—hard—down on Randy’s own.

All thoughts of thrown straights fled as the sharp taste of Ethan filled his mouth, and several brain cells melted as well as Ethan drew on Randy’s bottom lip before stealing deep inside. He could no more stop the groan that rumbled in the back of his throat than he could keep his hands from sliding around from the anchor they’d made of Ethan’s hips to the fine slope of his ass. He drew in a long, deep breath of the exotic perfume of Ethan, then thrust his tongue back against the one claiming him, giving as good as he got.

When they finally pulled apart, resting their foreheads together, both of them were gasping.

“Jesus Christ, Slick,” Randy whispered. “Please tell me we’re fucking later.”

“That depends.” Ethan ran his fingers weakly down Randy’s chest as he paused for more air. “You were going to throw our bet, weren’t you?”

Randy shrugged. “Already had the pot I was after. Figured I could get a cheaper kiss out of you after midnight.” He tightened his hands on Ethan’s ass. “But you were right. This was better.”

Ethan grabbed his chin, not exactly gently. He tipped Randy’s face up and looked him in the eye.

“Don’t do it again.”

For more Randy snogging, read Double Blind, which is where the above excerpt comes from.

Oh, and I forgot to mention! Randy has a trailer.

I’m not sure who else is snogging today, so it might just be me. Anyway. Look, I wrote a blog entry! Again!

3 Comments on “Sunday Snog: Double Blind (Again)

  1. *sigh* Makes me want to read it all over again. And I LOVE the 70’s porno music for the trailer. ROFL!

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