Friday Night With the Cullinans

Once upon a time Friday night meant “go out.” Well, not really. There were occasional periods where it meant that, but even in college Friday night was more likely to mean I was babysitting for a professor or curling up with a romance novel on my futon. This is because I spent half my freshman year working sober in the campus bar. It definitely makes you never want to go there again ever. And Dan and I quickly figured out once we were solidly dating that we would much rather hang out with each other at home than hang out in a crowd of other people in places we had to spend money.

Thus it remains today, though partly because taking three people out is expensive, so is a sitter, and we’re really just that boring. This Friday night Dan didn’t work, we had nowhere to go, and so what did the Cullinans do? We watched the Roku.

We do not have cable and have not since a brief period in our second apartment together, which we got so we could watch some premiere of a Madonna video for Dan. Technically we had “basic” in Iowa City before that, but it was essentially a pity package so you could get reception on local networks. Before that I had no cable in my tiny apartment, and our first house wasn’t even wired for it but had a killer roof antenna. We briefly flirted with a dish a few years back, but between the frozen ground for some post and unspoken fees, we got over it.

Instead of cable we have a Roku box, which we use to stream Netflix, Hulu plus, amazon on demand and a handful of very strange channels.Tonight we watched another episode of 30 Days, this week’s Glee, and an episode of Pawn Stars. Anna played Disney’s Pixie Hollow and chatted to people at the same time as watching, channeling her grandfather Tom, and I was draped with cats as per usual. Dan dominated the couch.

The shows were great, but as usual my favorite part of watching TV with my family is my family. We took bets on what would happen during the episodes, were mortified for people as appropriate, and basically just had a good time together. Dan has to get up for an early shift, otherwise once Anna was in bed we’d likely have picked up another episode of Paranormal State, which I swear we watch just to laugh. We were mocking as early as season one (really, WHY is there so much scary music just for driving down the street?) but man have things gotten thick.

Another family favorite right now is Hoarders, though I can only take so many before my Virgo goes insane and walks around cleaning and ranting about “how do people LIVE LIKE THAT?!” I’ve already documented my Black Butler love which Anna joined in on; soon Dan and I will watch the potential trainwreck that is the last season of House and possibly pick up on something else. Winter is always a heavy video watching time in the Cullinan house.

Every now and again we consider cable, but with gym memberships and violin rental and eighteen million other things like tire blowouts on North Grand *cough*Dan!*cough*, it just never seems to happen. Eventually we figure the child will stage a people’s revolt and demand equal social and cultural exposure as her peers. We figure about the time she’s got it together enough to put that argument to practice is about the time she deserves the reward.

Until that day it will remain the three of us hoping the box isn’t doing the stupid green screen thing again, snuggling up in our spaces and luring cats onto our laps as we roam through our limited entertainment section which, even as that, we can’t ever seem to fully catch up on.

Love my family, nerds that we are. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else on a Friday night.

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