Off to New Orleans & General Update on Family

My suitcases are (over)packed, I have my travel cash, and the home front is secured. Tonight I begin my journey to Gay Rom Lit in New Orleans.

This evening I go to my mom in Ottumwa, conveniently located just a few miles from the train station, where I will board the California Zephyr east to Chicago. Marie Sexton will already be on board, having boarded the night before in Denver.

Tuesday we have a brief layover downtown before we get on the train to NOLA, where we have, bless us, a sleeper car. I also have a bottle of wine and some plastic cups for the way down. We’ll arrive late on Wednesday, so we have plenty of time for consumption.

I hear Rowan Speedwell will be on the same train! We will have to hook up in the lounge car for shenanigans.

Odds are good I’ll continue to be a shitty blogger during the trip, but be sure to check out, which Marie has sworn we will update.

In family news ….

Anna went on her first trail ride Saturday, as in, her first trail ride off-site from her regular barn and “on her own,” just one of the girls along for the trip. It was a bit of a trust leap for her parents, especially her dad, but she did very well. She was gone for several hours and made it through all okay. Ask her about the “big hill” and the crazy jumps next time you see her.

Anna has also developed an interest in basketball. First she asked to have her own, and then she asked if she could join a team. We’re going to sign her up for city basketball starting in November. She goes outside and practices on the hoop in the drive (there goes my hope of taking it down. Guess we have to paint/repair it instead) all the time. We aren’t sure how this sports interest came about. Clearly a recessive gene.

Dan received depressing news about his cholesterol last week; as a result, he’s going mostly vegetarian and semi-vegan to clear things up. Since I usually do the cooking and he hit a major paradigm shift with me gone, we spent the latter part of the week and the weekend giving him a crash course in healthy meals. TVP, we love you.

I am still vegetarian and still loving it. Lowered dairy as well, and that does wonders for me. I feel so clear. It’s very pleasant and puts a very high cost on all meat products that doesn’t have to do with dollars. How will I fare in NOLA? No idea. A few of us have banded together to find restaurants, etc.

And now for the last bit. If you are going to GRL and, bless you, made it all the way through this post, be the first one to greet me in person with a smile and a “I’d like to win the reading!” and you’ll get a card for a free tarot reading from me. If you aren’t the first person, there will be other opportunities to win one. Promise.

One Comment on “Off to New Orleans & General Update on Family

  1. Sounds like it should be a fun trip!

    Also, I have such respect that you’re able to go vegetarian and stay vegetarian. I tried it, but it was too much work, I think, and I have less willpower than I’d hoped. I hope it works well for Dan! 🙂

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